3D Touch: What is 3D Touch in iOS?, User Interaction, Benefits of 3D Touch and Many More.

3D Touch: The Best Technology

Apple launched a touch screen technology way back in 2015 called 3D touch. This 3D technology introduced on touch screens offers completely different levels for general glass screen displays.

This technology which was being used in Apple iPhones has features to identify gestures and forces. Along with this, the 3d touch tends to offer accurate feedback.

However, due to the launch of haptic touch technology, 3d touch technology has been on the sidelines.

In this article, you are going to read about 3d touch, it’s uses, features, replacement, how it is different from haptic touch, etc.

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What is 3d touch?

The technology 3d touch is a hardware-based feature integrated into the iPhone 6s, and it’s plus versions of devices. Indicates the magnitude of force a user applies on the touchpad of the device to use various functions.

How to use 3d touch?

As you know what 3d touch is in the above paragraph, you can use it easily. With the 3d touch in apple devices, you can work on your device without navigating far from the screen that you were using. When you swipe or push on the screen with additional pressure, you can access certain applications, other content, or preview emails on the home screen. In addition to that, you can apply multitasking mode in the device by pressing the screen of the screen that will allow you to swipe between any opened app that you need to use.

Features of 3d touch

• Fast access to applications on the home screen of iPhone

One of the best features of the 3d touch is, it allows quick access to actions to many apps on the home screen of the device. However, all the apps are not compatible with this technology.

When you press and hold on to the icon of a compatible app in the device with 3d touch, you will be able to perform many useful tasks without opening that app. Let’s see a couple of examples. If you press and hold the map icon, the screen will offer you an option to share your current location with your friends or track distance from the destination. Another example is the camera. When you press and hold on to the camera, you can use a selfie camera instead of your major camera.

Let’s see one more example of Facebook.

When you press and hold Facebook, you will get to search, write a post, publish a video or images, etc. Few apps give more flexible options, including a pop-up menu, add widgets, etc.

• Peek and Pop

These two are also important features of 3d touch iPhone devices. Talking about peek, while using it, you can swipe up from the bottom screen to open the menu bar with specific functions of certain apps. For example, after peek, you can get an option to copy the URL or open a new tab for the website. While the pop function enables you to bring a full-screen preview of your requested content within the application, to get that, you will need to apply additional pressure on the screen.

In addition to the above features, there are some more features of 3d touch iPhone devices, Like a keyboard turning into a touchpad. You can also get the facility to draw lines of different thicknesses in pressure-sensitive drawing with 3d touch.

Working principle of 3D Touch iPhone

In this technology, capacitive sensors are attached to the backlight of the retina display of the iPhone devices. Depending on the amount of pressure, microscopic variations in backlight and cover glass are calculated and then combined with the touch sensor. This data is then provided to an accelerometer that tends to give the correct response.

3D touch-based iPhone devices.

This technology is integrated into devices that are compatible to detect touch pressure changes. The following devices are among them to use 3d touch.

  • Apple iPhone 6S
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus
  • Apple iPhone X
  • Apple iPhone XS
  • Apple iPhone XS Max

However, some devices are not compatible with 3d touch.

  • iPads
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone XR

Replacement of 3d touch iPhones

As we have seen, a few devices are not compatible with 3d touch, including that of iPad. So Apple launched a new technology called haptic touch. This haptic touch is better than in the case of features. It supports getting additional contextual data like quick action.

Haptic touch is not a fringe feature like 3d touch. Due to these multiple reasons, Apple came to a conclusion to replace 3d touch with haptic touch in their devices.

Moving ahead, Apple launched haptic touch way back in 2018 in iPhone XR. After that, they worked on expanding the use of haptic touch in all iPhone devices.

This latest touch feature uses a taptic engine to provide haptic feedback once the screen is pressed on the latest iPhones of Apple. It is also a touch and holds features like 3d touch.

Haptic Touch vs 3D Touch

3d touch helps you to access a lot of pressure, so you could have a different output for different amounts of pressure you apply. This gesture was available in peek and Pop features.

Going into a detailed example when could peek the website link, you could have got a preview, moving ahead, on hard pressure, you could have got the pop feature.

However, in haptic touch, this multi-level pressure feature is not available. As the haptic touch has only a single level pressure gesture available, that is a long press feature. In haptic touch, you can consider it as a peek and tap feature.

Wrapping Up

That’s it about the 3d touch iPhone feature from our side. Hopefully, you have satisfied with all the above details about the 3d touch and haptic touch vs 3d touch. Still, if you have any queries, you can ask us in the contact us section.