About Us

TechMie is a one-stop platform that will provide you with all the tech needs that you will need. We are like the fishermen in the big sea known as the sea. To capture the tastiest fish every day, all you need to come to visit us. We will keep on finding the latest news in order to simplify your tech needs in an organized manner. Accuracy and consistency are our top priorities with any of the articles that we publish. We leverage the latest and efficient content dedicated to specific subjects such as EVs, Smart Phones and the world of AR/VR to name a few.

What do we do?

On a daily basis, techmie.com provides a litany of relevant articles that are up-to-date with relatable topics all over the world. We do this with a serious gist of journalistic abilities, a keen eye for detail and incredible analytical sense. Our team is an extraordinary group of writers who come from a litany of backgrounds providing an all-round sense of the topic in hand making it extremely informative and fun to read.

We promise to use our platform to regulate, filter and moderate the latest news so that you never have to read the same thing ever again.

Our Mission:

We want to build the next generation of readers that focus on providing the latest and relevant companies focused on increasing the reader’s knowledge and productivity. Our mission further expands towards updating our readers with the latest tech that is out there giving them an edge over their peers when they engage in tech talks. Our mission as a whole is to understand the tech world better in order to convey our knowledge of our audience.