Appsdrop APK: Best App Market For Android Users, Download Appsdrop

This article will discuss one of the finest app markets for Android users. There are lots of APKs available in the market for Android users. But today, we cover the full description for the Appsdrop for Android users. So let’s give a walkthrough on the features if you can do AppsDrop APK download on your Android phones.

About Appsdrop

Let’s discuss what Appsdrop is. Appsdrop is one of the most refined search engines for your desired apps, approved by experts. You can easily find your desired apps on the store by downloading Apps Drop. There are thousands of quality apps available on Appsdrop for Android users.

Specifications of Appsdrop Apk

General specifications  
Release date 5 November, 2015
Added date 5 November, 2015
App version 1.1.4
Operating systems  
Operating system Android
Any additional requirements None
Popularity of Appsdrop  
Total download Appsdrop 2,532
Downloading weeks 2

Appsdrop Apk for Android devices

In today’s world, many people use Android devices only. Because Android is the most efficient operating system for smartphones, we can say that Android is the most famous operating system globally for smartphones because of its compatibility.

There are lots of exciting games and apps available on the Appsdrop platform. And it can help you to live your life efficiently.

You can efficiently operate your smartphones, but the most challenging part is downloading secured applications on your phone.

And there are many types of applications and APKs available for downloading apps and games, and the most popular platform is the google play store.

But if you want to download any alternatives from the google play store, you have to download Appsdrop alternatives, Because this is the most secure application for downloading.

Most of the people out there don’t know the main qualities of the Appsdrop application. However, because of those features, there are many things that only you can do with Appsdrop APKs.

The most fantastic feature of Appsdrop is you can easily download the paid applications for free. You can download Appsdrop on your smartphone. On Appsdrop, you don’t need to pay for any apps and games.

Some exciting offers, discounts, and vouchers are also available on the Appsdrop for Android users.

There are lots of unique features available in the Appsdrop alternatives APK. So let’s discuss some of them in brief.

List of Alternative App Store to AppsDrop

1. Mobogenie
2. AppsEnjoy
4. APK Downloader
5. NearAPK
7. Pushlink
8. MyAppFree
9. UpBigsMod
10. ApkBongo

Click here to download Appsdrop APK

Appsdrop app manager

Appsdrop has its inbuilt app manager for their Android users. You can easily see the updates, installations, and installed apps and games on the app manager section. After that, you can also check your app storage in the application.

Secured APK

When you operate Android phones, the most crucial thing in your mind is security or privacy. So Appsdrop is the most secure application for Android users. Thousands of people install that application every week, so don’t worry about that; you can freely install and download Appsdrop APK.

App categories

As we discuss, Appsdrop is the categorial app store. We can search our desired apps according to categories about their productivity, size, and other specifications. Many classes are available on the Appsdrop application like music, games, news, and many more varieties. You can choose your category and install your app.

Paid apps for free download

You can download your favorite paid apps without paying any cost to the app store. So this is the most crucial feature of the Appsdrop APK, so don’t wait. Just download Appsdrop and enjoy the paid versions for free with the help of the Appsdrop application.

App market

Let’s talk about the market of the app. Approx 2,532 downloads are completed per week on the Appsdrop. So thousands of people downloaded their desired apps daily on the Appsdrop application. So it’s not too huge, but it will increase day by day.

Download Banned apps

You can easily download apps that are banned in our country with the help of Appsdrop. Most of the apps are not available in our country, but on Appsdrop, you can download that app.

Downloading speed

The downloading speed of Appsdrop APK is faster than other app stores. And you will get the best downloading experience by downloading the apps and games on the Appsdrop application.


On Appsdrop apk, you will get notifications on updates of the apps and games. You can update your system apps too on the Appsdrop application. So it will make you upgraded and updated as well.

How to download Appsdrop for Android

Appsdrop APK is not available on the google play store to download it from the Google app or any other browser. When you click the link, you directly land on the latest version of Appsdrop APK. The file of this APK is 100% secured and safe for downloading. After that, you will install that easily on your Android devices.

Steps for downloading Apps Drop apk :

Here is the link to download Appsdrop apk:

  • Click settings > security option.
  • After that, enable the ” install from unknown source” Option.
  • And then, go to the download folder and install the Appsdrop apk file.

Final words

Appsdrop is one of the efficient app stores for Android users. And the main thing is Appsdrop is a free app store. Hope this article will help you download the secured app store like Appsdrop. And then, you will install that Apk for your Android devices and get the best downloading experience with Appsdrop Apk.

FAQs(frequently asked questions) :

  1. Is Appsdrop safe?

Ans. Yes, Appsdrop apk is the safest application store for Android users; every Android user can install this app without any problem.

  1. Is Appsdrop illegal?

Ans. No, Appsdrop is not an illegal app because this is a licensed app. Of course, if there is an issue with the app in the future, the app developers have to face problems, but users will be safe, so don’t worry about that.

  1. Can I install Appsdrop on blackberry or ios devices?

Ans. No, now Appsdrop apk is only available for Android devices, but I hope in the future it will be available for blackberry and ios devices as well.