SEORadar Reviews, Pricing, Use-Cases, Alternatives, And Product Details 2022

What is SEORadar Tool?

SEO radar is a software of Online Marketing, which is generally used to monitor the websites’ web pages for specific changes. Seo radar alerts the user if there are any issues in web pages that turn into serious SEO consequences. The SEO radar notified their users if any issues were found on a web page. It will be responsible for detecting the seo issues in the website. SEO radar is an excellent tool for online marketing, and it is also a time-saving tool for your website. You don’t need to check your website manually if you have an Best SEO tool.

Uses of SEO radar

This tool is beneficial for the health of your website, and if you want to detect your data manually, then it’s a complex issue for your website. SEO radar will help you in specific ways. First of all, it should be detected. After that, it will warn you and then protect the SEO traffic of your website.

There are the following uses of SEO radar.

It protects your website traffic with its advanced automation features. You can see issues detected by SEO radar on the window, and all the issues are displayed in a detailed manner. SEO radar alerts their user for checking the health of their website. The detected issues are responsible for degrading your SEO traffic. It will notify you of every single minor change. It will help you to keep your hard-earned ranking on the SEO.

Seo radar features

Competitor analysis: sometimes, some changes occur in your website that competitors do for pulling down. So you can add your competitors. This software will monitor the activities of your competitors.

Keyword tracking: Keyword Research is one of the advanced features of an SEO radar tool. You can track the competitive keywords and monitor the URLs for that desired keyword.

Custom Alerts: in an SEO radar, there is a custom alert feature used to monitor the strings of any specific issue. That feature will let you on a single page for changes.

A/B testing: A/B testing compares the two versions of web pages on a website, for which one is better. So SEO radar has its A/B testing features for comparing the website’s web pages.

Technical description

SupportBusiness hours
CategorySEO marketing software
Customer typeSmall business, large business, medium enterprises
Deployment of softwareCloud


Seo radar is one of the best online marketing tools for people. We can also say that SEO radar is a QC tool for prevention and detection from some serious SEO consequences and saving your website traffic.

SEORadar Pricing

There are five types of pricing models of the SEO radar tool, and these tools give you excellent features for your website in reasonable pricing packages. So let’s discuss the pricing packages of the SEO radar software.

SEORadar gives 1-month free trial subscription. So that you can try it for your websites and can have enough time to analyze the result of using this tool.

Silver pack
129$ / month
Gold pack 249$ / monthCorporate pack 400$ / monthEnterprise pack 749$ / monthCustom
● 2 audits every week● 3 audits every week● Daily audit available● Agency plan features● This pack is just fir you
● Archive 90 days source code & diff plus● 6 competitors● Access of API● For the big agencies and companies● For your unique requirements
● Weekly analysis of search console● 1000 diff credits in a week● Unlimited multi user and Configurable● 15 competitors 
● Redirects,removal, and make changes from 301 to 302● Source code archive of 6 months● Adsense,  conversion of pixels● Data archive for 15 months 
● Crucial changes alert● Six domains● All gold features available● 15 domains 
● Desktop screenshot archive ● Live audits and staging● Review of account setup 
● Weekly 200 diff credits ● User defined tests● All corporate features 
● Three competitors  ● Training session available for every six months 

SEO radar alternatives

There are many alternatives to SEO radar available in the market. If you can’t use an SEO radar tool, you can easily use the alternatives of SEO radar. Let’s discuss the SEO radar alternative.

  1. Semrush: semrush is one of the best SEO radar alternatives; you can get insights into your customers’ marketing strategies and rankings. You can organically understand all the activities of your competitors. With the help of semrush, you get ad strategy, keyword tracking, budget, and many more strategies.
  2. Ahrefs: ahrefs is an SEO radar alternative. Which is used for growing the traffic of websites. With the help of ahrefs, you can grow your website organically. Ahrefs will give you the power to grow your website and understand the competitors’ plans and strategies.
  1. Woorank: Woorank is a tool for SEO analysis of the website and tracks the optimization of your website and real-time progress by their smooth features. Woorank is one of the best SEO radar alternatives.
  2. Mozpro: Mozpro is an SEO optimization tool for improving the SEO of our website. Mozpro also gives you the best keyword suggestion for growing, so mozpro is on the SEO radar alternative tools list.
  3. Mangool: Like many other SEO tracking tools mangools is a highly used and accepted SEO tracking tool now a days. People are choosing mangools tools over other SEO tools and giving their first preference, as it is an easy to navigate, user-friendly, and most importantly low-cost tool.

Final words

This article gives a walkthrough of the SEO radar software, the best online marketing tool for your website. We are trying to give a brief of SEO radar software. Hope you will like that and download that SEO optimization software for your business websites or commercial websites.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How can you do competitor monitoring?

Ans. The competitors are analyzed weekly and cannot generate email alerts, and only crucial alerts are generated for competitors.

2. Can we see the changes in content?

Ans. Yes, there is a feature for making text changes in the website’s content.

3. What are redirect alerts in SEO radar?

Ans. We have to generate an alert for the redirect chain. If we have to 301 to 302, we add redirects and generate the alert. And we can also do that test for all the URLs.