Top 8 BMC Remedy Alternatives: Best of the IT Service Management Tools

In this article, we give a walk through of some BMC remedy alternatives. Generally, BMC remedy software is the tool used to automate service management procedures in the IT industry. BMC Remedy is a powerful tool for organizations. However, sometimes it creates critical situations for organizations.

So that’s why we have BMC remedy-free alternatives available in the market. So there are many BMC help desk software for organizations around the world. So there is a massive market for BMC remedy software. So you can choose your alternative according to some considerable services like additional features, pricing, and supplier strategy. And we will provide you with all the information about all the BMC competitors.

You can try some BMC remedy alternatives. They also have good ratings as compared to BMC remedy software. Therefore, you can select the best BMC help desk software according to your demands, which is compatible with your organization. We are listing some BMC remedy software alternatives below.

Top 8 BMC remedy alternative software:

1 Freshservice :

Freshservice is a service desk and ITSM solution for people. Freshservice is currently serving its services to worldwide enterprise customers and more than 40000 mid-market services. This is the best BMC remedy alternative. Freshservice is designed for IT practices, which focus on the organization’s customer services, delivery services, and satisfaction of customers. In addition, Freshservice is easy to use software for organizations.

Features of freshservice :

  • It is easy to use for the admin of an organization
  • It is accessible to setup software
  • It is more usable software

2. Solarwinds service desk

Solarwinds service desk software is an award-winning BMC remedy open-source alternative. It is a fully integrated and cloud-based service provider. It is also the best IT asset for organizations. Solarwinds service desk is the world’s best service management platform with high-rated customer reviews. In addition, it will provide cutting-edge automation technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to streamline organizations.

Features of SolarWinds service desk:

  • It will provide ticket prioritization services
  • It will provide automated ticket routing services
  • It will give a ticket notification feature on the software

3. Ivanti Neurons

Ivanti neurons are the regulatory and on-demand software for the automated services, delivery services, and engagement of stakeholders in the IT industry. It is a cloud-based BMC remedy alternative with drag and drops automation features. The quick deployment also available in this tool will increase customers’ satisfaction. It is a fully integrated support and management system.

Features of Ivanti neurons:

  • It is more usable
  • It is better software for support
  • It is also better for meeting requirements

4. Cherwell

Cherwell is an excellent platform for service management, founded for the envisioned company. It is specially designed for the customers and empowers all the customers with cutting-edge technologies. It will help you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. The vision of the software is quite intuitive and flexible. It promotes automation like other BMC remedy competitors.

Features of Cherwell :

  • It is easy to use for the admin of the organization
  • It is better to support
  • It is easy for the business

5. EasyVista service manager

EasyVista service manager is the most proven solution for IT service management. It will be used for complex ITIL requirements with mobility, easy-to-use, easy to delivery, simplicity, and Agility terms. It has less code configuration, that’s why it reduces the 50% cost. It works on cutting-edge technology and brilliant automation features, which is helpful in the IT and business fields. The easy vista service manager is one of the advanced BMC remedy alternative software.

Features of Easyvista service manager:

  • It has a self-service feature
  • There are surveys available on the software
  • Active directory available in the software
  • Knowledge-based service desk available

6. SysAid

SysAid is a brilliant tool for the service of automation, which makes you work innovative rather than complex or complicated. This help desk tool you can manage practically. Millions of users around the world use SysAid for their services. It will provide quick services, a smoother experience, and a very light workload. It will be helpful in the IT industry and grinding software of BMC remedy alternatives in today’s world.

Features of SysAid:

  • Policy dictation service is available in the software.
  • Incident reports feature available in the software.
  • Ticketing system and help desk
  • Advanced automation services

7. ManageEngine service desk plus

ManageEngine service desk plus is a help desk software with integrated project management capabilities and assets. It has advanced functionalities like support teams, delivery services, help desk features, and easy-to-use capabilities with fewer complexities and lower costs. The main thing is that this software is available in 29 multiple languages. In addition, it is fully integrated and quickly set up the software.

Features of manage engine service desk plus:

  • Best problem management available
  • Asset management available
  • IT project management is available
  • Best extensions and integrations
  • All the purchases and contracts management
  • The self-service portal is also available

8. Jira service management

Jira service management is also a bmc remedy competitor in the market. The specialty of the Jira service management tool is that it will empower the DevOps team for collaboration at high velocity. So it will provide a better customer experience and quick employee services.

Features of Jira service management:

  • Easy collaboration available
  • Better automation services
  • Tracking progress report available
  • Easy to set up
  • Better support available
  • More usable

Bmc footprints vs. remedy

Let’s discuss the comparison of BMC footprints vs. remedies. The market share of BMC’s footprint is higher than BMC’s remedy. BMC’s footprint has more reach in the US, Uk, and UAE. On the other hand, BMC remedy has more space in Togo, France, and the US. BMC’s footprints and remedy both markets compete against each other in IT service management.

Final words

In this article, we review some of the best BMC remedy alternatives or competitors in the market. So we have listed out some alternative software with their advanced features. So you can read that article and choose your best BMC remedy open-source alternative as per your needs and demands.