Dreaming of building a home for yourself and your family? Don’t worry this is the ultimate home loan toolkit

You need money for something. But you do not have it with yourself at the current moment or maybe the thing you want to do is very much expensive. And you do not want to take out all the expenses from your pocket at one time instead you wish there was a way that someone gives you the money and later you will return in a divided manner maybe with an interest. But still, it will benefit your own life. Because you will not be out of all your money at one time.

Well if you want something like that then you are totally at the right place. The thing or you can say scheme that gives you such opportunity is Loan. Today we are going to talk about the loan that is big in money and that is a home loan. This article is being written to serve as a home loan expert which will make it easy for people to understand what actually such loans are.

What is a Home loan?

Probably most of you are aware that there are banks that give loans and there are also many companies that offer to give loans to a person. There are many kinds of loans but in this article as the title suggests we are going to talk about home loans only. So what actually a home loan is? Well in this kind of loan a person who needs money is approached by any money lending organization or a bank or he or she themselves approaches a money lending organization or a bank to borrow money from them with the promise they will return the money.

From both the sides, one single document is made will stamp paper which includes the amount of time that a person has to return the money, the interest rate and all the other things and along with that, a condition is made that if the person or the borrower is unable to give back the money along with the interest in time the bank can have possession of their property and the person has to keep the property papers as collateral submitted to the organization where he or she borrowed the money from.

What are the different types of home loans?

In the last part, we discussed what a home loan actually means in general but it is also important to know that there are many types of such loans whose basic idea is the same but are different in some parts and hence are classified as different. In this section of the home loan toolkit, we are going to mention the types and explain them to you all readers. The different types of such loans are as follows:

  • Home purchase loan- Just by the name as you can understand that a home purchase loan is that in which a person borrows money from a financial institution for buying a house.
  • Home improvement loan- This loan is a little different than the first type we discussed. In this type of loan the person borrowing the money actually borrows the money for covering the expenses that will be charged in different repair services that they will do in their homes.
  • Home construction loan- You can already understand by the name of the loan that what is the actual purpose of this loan but as we said this is a home loan toolkit we are just going to explain what this loan is. This loan is given to an individual for covering the expenses of the construction of their home.
  • Land purchase loan- A little different than the previous loan, this loan is actually given to a person so that he or she can buy a plot on which they can build their own house.
  • Home extension loan- Think about a situation that you already have your own house but you think there is a lack of rooms in your house or you have bought a new car and so you need to build a new garage. For such purposes, you are allowed to avail such kind of home loan.
  • Joint home loans- By the name you can see that these are the loans that two people or more than two people take to build a house. Most of the time it is seen that after getting married husbands and wives apply for this kind of loan.
  • Home loan balance transfer- This kind of situation is not much seen but still we are mentioning it because it might be helpful to you all. Basically in a situation, you have taken a loan from a certain money-lending organization but you see another organization providing better terms and conditions then you can just shift your loan amount to that organization.


We have made this home loan toolkit intending to help our readers get full knowledge about this thing as many people suffer in understanding what it is. Hopefully, we were able to serve the purpose for which you all came in to read the article.