The Commitment of Two People Towards Each Other Throughout Their Lives- Marriage and the Loan for Marriage

The thing we are going to describe in detail in this article is marriage. We also identify it as matrimony or wedlock. Culturally it is recognized as a union between two people who are called spouses. It is the medium of the establishment of obligations and rights between the two people who are identified as spouses. The definition of marriage varies based on which culture or religion a person belongs to.

The only common thing about the meanings in the different religions is that it is considered as an institution of sanctioning or acknowledging personal relationships between two-person specifically sexual. The ceremony in which two people are getting married is called a wedding.

The reasons that lead to two people getting married

The different reasons that lead two people to get married include sexual attractiveness, social reasons, personal choice, family choice, cultural reasons, spiritual reasons, financial reasons, emotional reasons, gender preferences, and many more. In some parts of the world and also in some religions promotes practicing of arranged marriage, child marriage, forced marriage, polygamy, and also polygyny. In other areas, these kinds of practices are considered illegal to preserve women rights and children’s rights and this is because of international law.

The different types of marriage

Many types of marriage are being practiced in different parts of the world. The different types of marriage that are mostly seen are as follows:

  • Monogamy– Monogamy is the practice in which one individual can have only one spouse for their whole life or at any one particular time.
  • Polygamy– Polygamy is the practice in which the male spouse is allowed to marry more than one person.

Loan for marriage

Well, this is not available for polygamy but only monogamy. That is for obvious reasons, loans by themselves are a legal term whereas polygamy is illegal in almost all the countries across the whole world. This basically means that the marriage should be considered legal in the eyes of the constitution of the country you are living in or else you cannot get a loan. The main purpose of a loan that is taken for marriage is to have your wedding ceremonies your way.

Like many people around the world have an idea of what kind of party they want in their wedding but they do not want to take out so much money that will be needed for their dream wedding from their pocket in a single time as it may leave them out of money after their marriage. To cover this up there are loans available for marriage that a person can take a loan and spend it on their wedding and then they will pay on a monthly or yearly basis with a rate of interest. You might be thinking that paying interest will increase the budget but you should know that if you are taking a loan of two lakh rupees for your marriage and then you are going to pay back the loan with an interest rate of fifteen or ten percent for over a time period of four years then you will have to pay less than five thousand rupees every month so it is easy to handle.

Things that a person should be aware of while taking a loan for their marriage

We might be referring this to as a marriage loan which makes the term fancier as it is associated with a really enjoyable and happy event in a person’s life but at the end of the day, it is a loan that you are taking just like a home loan, business loan, study loan or any other kind of loan. You will face a rate of interest that you have to pay while giving the loan back. So we are going to mention some points that a person should be aware of and look at before taking a loan. The different factors that a person should take a look at before taking a loan for marriage are as follows:

  • Be careful while taking the loan and read the documents carefully.
  • Never go for the first loan for the wedding planner you are offered, always compare a lot of banks and NBFCs before taking a loan.
  • Go for the lowest interest on loans that you can get as it is good for your pockets.
  • Always try to save money while looking for the loans as calculating the payments correctly is good for the finances in your future life.


Hopefully, this article has helped you learn about what marriage actually means and also made you know about the different kinds of marriage. This article has also helped you know about what loans for marriage are and what are factors that a person should look into before taking a loan.