The Start-Up that has been Helping Restaurants Increase their Customer Spending for a Long Time- Revi

Revi which was formerly known as Zyrl is a start-up which was started based in San Francisco is a company that has been running after its goal of helping small restaurants grow all around the United States of America. The company has been helping local restaurants for over a long time now. Their main goal is to help restaurants increase customer spending.

They have been successful in helping the restaurants increase their customer spending by a rate of twenty percent which was emerged from the stealth. The restaurant helping company Revi has recently announced about the success they got in the field of their work and the huge amount of help they will be able to provide to the restaurants because of that.

The company recently announced that a total seed round of two million United States Dollars is on its way which is being led by Ubiquity Ventures and this is being supported by others such as Designer Fund, Precursor Ventures, and many angel investors. Revi also has its own application and in the next segment, we are going to talk about the impact of the application in the tech world.

All about the application of Revi

The purpose of the application made by the company is to create a strong bond between the restaurants and the customers. This helps the restaurants to give their customers a sense of pride and that the customers actually mean something to the restaurant and not just an ATM that is going to spend so that the restaurant workers and the owners can capitalize.

On using the application made by Revi the customers or we can say the user’s experience on using the application which when combined with the on-premise devices used by the company helps to create a pleasant ecosystem as a local. The application lets the customer do many things. The things that a customer can do through this application are as follows:

  • Order the food they want from a restaurant of their own choice.
  • Customize the food according to their preferences or health factors without any confusion.
  • They can pay through the app in online mode using any kind of payment method which may be net banking or even through cards.
  • After completing the criteria the customers get rewards such as cashback or discount coupons from the application which they can use in their next orders.
  • The person can also find their ideal dining spots on the application.

The benefits of using the application made by Revi

The restaurant helping company Revi is the only one in this field who has been that successful and that is because of their dedication. The company puts its best efforts into improving the relationship between the restaurants and the customers which leads to higher customer retention and hence revives the business of the restaurant. Revi also helps restaurants to keep their business safe.

Apart from keeping the business safe the company also helps the restaurants to keep high efficiency in their line of work and this has been achieved by the company through its application which is made with some features that make it possible for restaurants to be more and more efficient day by day. The features or the properties that help the company do that are as follow:

  • The application consists of a built-in intelligence which we call Artificial Intelligence that allows the users or the customers to place their order faster which helps in increasing the sales of the restaurants.
  • Not just the increased rate of orders but also the application is programmed in such a way that it encourages the customers to customize their orders and also take some other items as an add-on with the main food which helps in creating bigger check amounts than a person would have to pay in offline mode.
  • The Revi application is totally free to install which encourages the customers to check the app out as they do not have to pay extra for the installation of the application.
  • The application also has a section where it features on-site photoshoots hence letting the customers see the menu before ordering.
  • Just like with credit cards where there is a point system based on your payments and everything, the application made by the restaurant helping company Revi also has a reward system, with each purchase the customer earns a certain amount of reward points with the help of which they can get discounts in the next orders.
  • The application got a great review and rating system which let the customers rate every product they have purchased from the restaurant and also rate the other services like on-time delivery and many more. These reviews help others know that the application is a client-centered business and is trustworthy enough.


Hopefully, this article has helped you learn about the different ways that how Revi is playing a huge role in the restaurant business through online communication carried out by the AI-based app of Revi.