The Bright Future of BiDao in the World of Cryptocurrency Which is Becoming More and More Popular Every Day

BiBao Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency that we are going to talk about is BiDao. The symbol of this newly formed cryptocurrency is the BID coin. The official website on which the crypto is being processed is, the technology that this crypto is using is called Binance Chain. This crypto was invented on 6th September in the year 2019 in the country Germany which is in the continent of Europe.

This cryptocurrency named BiDao was made based on a trustless stable coin and is backed by a decentralized application running on a finance-based platform called the Binance Chain. As of now at the current time, Initial Coins Offering which is ICO is being hosted by the cryptocurrency which is providing power to the participants of the ICO to stake for the crypto and makes them BID coin power stacker.

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Market Cap value of BiDao

The staking powers will be considered as a percentage major in the case of this cryptocurrency. The powers range from a minimum of three percent to a maximum of thirty percent and one to win this stacking game will be the one getting the percentage of staking reward. 

Right now there is more than 450 million United States Dollar worth of BID coins locked in the financial redefining application which is known popularly as the Defi application. Going into a little deeper into the statistics and breaking it down we can see that more than 4 Billion US dollars worth BiDao is getting circulated in the market as stable coins and the total market cap value of it is over 8 Billion US Dollars.

About the founders and their future plan for the BID coins

One of the founding members of the cryptocurrency BiDao is Bastian Aigner. He is won the Apple World Wide Developers Conference Student Scholarship three times and the other founding member of this cryptocurrency is Brian Condenanza. He is working as the CTO that is as the Chief Technology Officer and his name was mentioned in the list of Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the world in the year 2018.

These two have a strong team of tech experts and the common belief that all the members of the team share are that Binance Chain is the future in the world of tech. This team has claimed that the Binance Chain will have a very large user base and the transaction rate per second will become higher as time goes on with the other Binance coins which were announced by the team on social media.

The strategy used to make people invest in BiDao

According to the official website of the Binance Chain, it is said that the staking power is thirty percent which basically means that the annual charge on the investment of a user will be thirty percent but if you buy tokens of BID coin after the Initial Coins Offering that is the ICO then that annual charge will get reduced to three percent of the total investment.

This strategy is basically being used so that more users start investing in the Initial Coins Offerings and also to make the BiDao Initial Coins Offerings go out of stock and the strategy is working also because now only fifteen percent of the total initial supply is left now. When a user presses to buy the coin there will be options of different currencies of payment such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, US Dollars, and many more.

Price prediction of BiDao

Many financial experts are predicting that BiDao will be the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency. Most of the predicted stats say that BID coins will be crossing the one US Dollar mark in the December of 2021 with its price being a little less or more than 1.3347 US Dollars and in the next year the price of this crypto will become double that is in December 2022 it is predicted that it will have a price of 2.6024 US Dollars.

In the years 2023 and 2024 there will be no dip in the price of BiDao in the CryptoCurrency World and it is also being expected by financial experts that in December of the year 2025 the price of the crypto will be on the verge of touching the 10 US Dollars mark with a price of 9.5241 US Dollars. Then within the next five years, that is in the year 2030 the crypto’s price will be more than 25 US Dollars with the initial predicted price being 26.8285 UD Dollars.


Hopefully, this article has helped you learn about the future of BiDao in the CryptoCurrency World and about the predictions of financial experts about the price of BID coins.