MediaPortal: Experience the Best Media Player- Download Guide, Latest Updates, Features, and User Reviews

Experience Home Theatre PC with MediaPortal !!

Everybody wishes that their personal computer works as a multipurpose device and can perform as many tasks as possible. We always expect that our PC to play music, play videos, work as a gaming dashboard, casting device, streaming device, and many more.

Install MediaPortal on your PC to play your music and audio files, it will remarkably change your music playing wisdom. MediaPortal requires basic hardware to run, you can directly connect to your TV, display TV Series, Photos, Movies, and Music in a much dynamic way.

MediaPortal Features

  • Schedule, Record your TV shows for free like TiVo but much better
  • Run DVD, CD, Streaming Videos, and Blue-Ray disks
  • Radio and Music are available at many regional frequencies.
  • Create Slideshow, listen to regional Music and Videos
  • Stream your Media to any HTPC/PC connected to your network
  • Weather forecast, News, and Many more

MediaPortal access directly from the web or at your mobile device.

The above mentioned are just basic functions, with many plugins available to enjoy your fully loaded MediaPortal any time. You can do so many additional things like download or stream web, local TV shows, sports scores, Apple trailers, YouTube videos or you can even play your local playlist on MediaPortal. You can easily navigate this portal.

Download Free MediaPortal

MediaPortal is open source media center software and it is totally free to download. It is ideal for transforming your normal PC into a very advanced HTPC device and can play unlimited media.

There are two MediaPortal download versions are available MediaPortal 1.28 (MP1), and MediaPortal 2.3.2 (MP2)

MP1 is being used for a long time so it is stable and experienced by many users. There are so many plugins available and tried successfully by many users and they always have been fun using MP1 and its plugins.

MP2 is the latest version so automatically it is less tested compare to MP1. MP1 started being developed before 4 years and it is not yet successfully launched with full access. MP2 is the latest version so it should be advance in all the manners of MP1. Many featured updates are to be tested on MP2 but still, it is under development but stable Media Player Version.

You might have a question that which version is feasible for my PC, to solve this we have given below a comparison table that will definitely clear your all questions and doubts.

MediaPortal System Requirements

To download MediaPortal required configuration should have in your system

  • CPU: Intel P4
  • Storage: Min 1 GB
  • HDD: Min 600 MB for MP software and min 50 GB for your TV recording and scheduling
  • Video Card: DirectX9 with 128 MB Video memory
  • TV Card: MPEG -2 encoder, Digital TV cards, BDA drivers, etc.

Make sure your PC must have minimum above mentioned configuration, now you are ready to download MediaPortal. This is up to you which version you want to download for your PC, that is stable MP1 or the latest MP2. You can download MediaPortal from the web directly.

Installation of MediaPortal

After finishing the download start installation on your device. The process is given below step by step

  1. copy the folder from downloads and move where you wish
  2. Open the saved folder
  3. Run MediaPortal.DeployTool.exe file
  4. Find Select option and select Start with Installation now
  5. Here your installation will be successful
  6. Now Login with your details as per requirements


Next you required different plugins to run your MediaPortal at its best capacity. There are many plugins available with different abilities. Using multiple and unnecessary plugins may slow down your device, so download only required plugins.

Top Plugin for MediaPortal

  1. Webradio
  2. Emulators
  3. Trakt
  4. SlimTV- Native TV3.5 Provider
  5. SlimTV- MPExtended
  6. MP2-Edit
  7. Cinema
  8. AtmoLight
  9. MP Photo Slideshow
  10. CECRemote

Media Portals Versions and Updates

MediaPortal 1

MP1.28 Release: supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10
MP1.29 Release: Supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32/64 bit)

MediaPortal 2

MP2.3.2 Release: Supports Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32/64 bit)

MediaPortal Reviews

  • Best software to modify your PC into HTPC
  • MP is very easy to install.
  • Minimum configuration required
  • Lot of nice plugins available
  • You can Record, schedule, and download your streaming
  • Download tool for Free
  • Setup available in download files
  • LCD and remote work well with the media portal app.
  • Easy and simple user Interface


MediaPortal is the best option to convert your personal computer into a home theatre and enjoy the best joy of listening to music, watching movies, TV shows and streaming. This is a totally free tool and can run on your basic PC hardware requirements. This is the best Media software for your windows pc and it is totally free. If you really enjoy it then to support MediaPortal you can donate to the team @