5 Ways to Set-up Parental Control on Android Smartphones

Kids love digital devices, be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Earlier, they were primarily using these devices for entertainment purposes. But due to the pandemic, they are getting most of their education also from online platforms. In these circumstances, it is difficult to limit their use of the device. But you can certainly apply some parental control on android devices to protect your kids from inappropriate online content.

You don’t need to buy a new expensive phone for that. There are many options in android phones under 20000 for the parental watch. Let us show you some of the app-based control features:-

1. Google Family Link App

This app is the most sorted way of parental control by Google. It allows parents to set restrictions remotely on the online usage of their kids. Google family link app supervises your kid’s Google account according to your setting. It guides them to appropriate Google content, manages their app. It can also locate your kids through GPS.

2. Parental Control on Chrome

On Google Chrome, you can select the restriction from the settings section. You can block specific sites and allow only safe sites to be open for your kids. You can also add your child to your chrome through the built-in supervised user feature. This feature lets you check what they are browsing and downloading.

3. YouTube Restricted Mode

YouTube is the favourite entertainment station for kids. But there are all kinds of content there. Thus it’s essential to restrict the website from showing inappropriate content to your kids. You can activate the restriction mode from YouTube settings which is quite helpful. You can also download the YouTube Kids app.

4. Google Play Parental Controls

Google parental control is also available on downloading apps from the Play Store. It’s a feature available in the settings of the Google play store. You will get a unique parental control PIN to set limits on the kinds of apps that can be downloaded. No one can download those kinds of apps without the PIN.

5. Set Up Web Filtering

You can filter all the online activities by setting up the web filtering app. You can also install parental control on your router. Many router companies offer these kinds of filtering in their routers. Switching on the block option for specific sites on your DNS server also helps.

6. Other Android Parental Control Apps

Many other parental control apps are available in the Google play store for Android phones. Safe Family and NetNanny are some of the most trusted apps. You can install any of these android parental control apps on your kid’s phone and be relaxed about their online activities.

Key Take Away!

You can’t keep your kids away from technology and the internet in the 21st century. At the same time, it is more crucial than ever to keep a tab on the kind of content they are consuming. Thankfully, you have the help of Google parental control and Android parental control apps for this.