Best Plugin for building a Secure WordPress Client Portal in 2021

Client portal is a part of one’s website that’s only and only available to the clients. The admission to it is restricted to those who do not have a login and a password. The ones who do have a login and a password, which the owner would provide to his or her customer’ can have access to a portal that makes them available to them with a more tailor-made website experience. Even the most basic WordPress website has a duty to provide the visitors with a stress-free way to communicate with you, it can be through a phone number, a chat feature, or even a contact form that they may fill out. Many businesses; make use of a permutation of these, if not all of them.

See post for knowing about the best client portal plugins that are available for WordPress based sites:

  • MemberMouse

It allows both your clients and you to upload any size and type of files. Introducing prevailing clients into the Member Mouse portal is quite easy as well. One of its more exclusive features of Member Mouse is serving custom home pages established on your customers’ membership levels. Added features include; order history, access rights, engagement statistics, and the capability to bring up to date client profiles and their billing details.

  • LearnDash

LearnDash is quite a good option, if your motive is to educate your customers. It is a plugin that is preferred by teachers; for their students to use, it can also be used if one has some appreciated content and training resources that they might want to offer exclusively to their customers. Some of the features provided by LearnDash take account of the capability to drip feed content, set up engagement triggers, sell courses and much more.

  • Clinked

It provides one with an extensive variety of features that includes the ability to assign tasks, establish time limits, organize meetings and events, provide real-time project updates, and also to create a workspace for your customers and you. It is an incredibly secure plugin that also lets you share your files, collaborate, and chat with your customers.

  • WP-Client

It is a user friendly plugin that also makes available the ability to tailor its code. One shall be able to generate templates and customize layouts, colors, and designs. It proposes the ability to enable and disable functions and control authorizations. As far as features are concerned, one can create estimates and invoices that users can pay and view for online, one can assign every customer to their client manager, can maintain a chained record of messages, and permit clients to upload and download files via the portal.

  • Client Portal

It is deliberated as a premium plugin choice that can offer a varied selection of features and functionality to the customers, it also includes built-in sections that are devoted to content, contracts, invoice receipts, deliverables, prototypes, etc. One can also modify their section as per their choices.

Major Benefits of hiring a WordPress Development Company:

  1. Writing the codes is very easy

With help of efficient WordPress development companies, one can gain several advantages like; smooth customization, smooth turn around, making the web development process much faster, etc.

2.SEO Friendly Websites

WordPress can be of help to an enterprise, as it can generate SEO Friendly sites, have a good online presence and can reach potential audiences in the best possible way. A developer can help enhance the course of this.

  1. Client Oriented Approach

A developer works according to the business wants and needs of their client, it is their work to make sure that their client is fully satisfied with their services

  1.  Providing Support

Website designing and developing is considered as continuous work. A good WordPress Development company can provide its client with support that last for 24*7. The team that comprises the developers, works in shifts, in order to provide their services within a committed duration of time.

  1. Periodic Updates

You can regularly receive updates that are latest, only if you’ve got your website developed by a WordPress developer. Updates are surely very important as they help to gain proper security in order to deal with any wicked situation.


A client portal is an extremely useful feature for your current customers and can go a long way towards refining your total customer experience. There are plenty of brilliant client portal plugins that are available for WordPress sites, one may want to consider hiring a WordPress web development company if they have particular needs outside of the classic plugins.