Three Months into Stadia – Was it Actually Worth all the Hype?

It has been three months since we were introduced to the wonderful world of Stadia. While on paper, Stadia boasted the prowess of the world’s most powerful console on paper, the actual simulation of the console proved to be more than at par than what was proposed. Stadia has completed three months in the streaming space and while it did lead the market leader for a while, it has already been shadowed by Nvidia’s GeForce in terms of scalability, accessibility, and even functionality.

Perhaps the only thing that’s changed is Stadia’s availability on several platforms along with a small roster of games. While the roster does not provide a healthy choice of games at the moment, it rather looks to subject gamers to a more action-packed RPG’s instead of a regular diet of games.

Perhaps the biggest backlash that Stadia gets is the fact that it is a console. While we generally abhor those statements, we certainly do not give any quarters when it comes to additional criticism. Google Stadia is definitely not a console. It provides the simulation of a console by providing the simulation of a console over the air through your LAN.

Perhaps the biggest downfall that comes from Stadia is its deception that it provides for its iPhone users. While there is an official Stadia App for the Apple Store, it cannot be used to play games at the moment. Coming to the good parts, playing a AAA title on my laptop or my handheld device feels magical. Metro Exodus looks exactly the way it plays on an Xbox on my tested devices. The added options of a 4K resolution or a standard 1080p resolution while in-game gives me a good choice to switch between during moments of less internet coverage.

While Stadia still offers good promise, it is still a long way to go to reach viable sales numbers. The current version of Stadia feels and handles likes an early prototype rather than a ready to sell the unit.