Asus ZenBook 15 Flip Review: Topples Assumptions for Previous Flip Screen Devices

In short – The Asus ZenBook 15 is a brilliant machine. An all-rounder for gaming, work, entertainment, productivity, and even some light editing and effect work. Well, for the price it retails, we did expect it to flourish. However, it is good to see your expectations are being thoroughly being met, and more. The biggest selling point of the laptop is perhaps the screen. The 15-inch screen is perhaps the best one we have seen in a Windows 10 laptop that we have ever experienced.

The design of the laptop while remaining pretty modern seems to accommodate the keyboard and the touchpad in a metallic case. The touchpad also serves as a second screen which gives the Flipbook a unique feature to stand out in similarly prices laptops. While it is a gimmick, it is surprisingly useful. It can perform functions such as launch apps, program simple tasks and also an Asus first Quick Key Function.

Coming to the screen. It is a crisp 15-inch 4K resolute display that fires up a beautiful and crisp screen no matter your environment. The screen makes interaction with the Flipbook a much more joyous environment. While using a Flipbook styled laptop is a joy, the touchpad and the screen combo does make a much more elevated version of the Flipbook on the market.

A good graphical improvement has been bought on the Flipbook thanks to its addition of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 under its hood. While 1050 is good, it is decent at best when it comes to coping with any AAA title that you might want to run. While you should not buy the laptop if there are any gamer genes in you, for quick day-to-day, perhaps there is no other laptop good enough.

It comes equipped with all the usual ports.  However, with a starting price of $,1500, we are not completely sure that a major part of the market will be mesmerized with the touchpad and screen combo will be worth the high price that Asus is asking for. However, we absolutely love the combo.