Nvidia GeForce Comes Out on Top as the Go-To Streaming Device – But is it Really Worth it?

Before we tell you any more about Nvidia’s GeForce, Gaming PC’s are always the best option to game. There we said it. While Stadia came out last year, Nvidia GeForce came out last month and has already captured a major share of the market in terms of streaming services. However, it doesn’t come without its flaws.

The major flaw in the service is that big names AAA developers like Hinterland Studio and Bethesda pulled their games off the service. It is truly disappointing to see your favorite games being dropped away from your grips especially the ones you paid to play. Take that away and Nvidia GeForce is everything you can dream for in a streaming service clearly beating Stadia in terms of connectivity, game choice, interface, and actual functionality.

The only question then remains is the fact that whether you should invest your time and your cash in a streaming service instead of a real-life gaming rig or a console. While that is a purely subjective though, if you do decide to go down the streaming platform, Nvidia GeForce is as best as it can get, according to us.

Even though Nvidia GeForce runs on 1080p compared to Stadia’s 4K, GeForce compliments their service with extra graphical advancements such as ray tracing, DLSS and even AMD’s Vege-powered machines that Stadia simply cannot compete with, at the moment. Stadia even falls short on its offering with only a handful of games that clearly aren’t diversified to attract a heavy set of gamers.

That puts Nvidia GeForce at par with a rental PC instead of a streaming service. The sheer number of games that came at launch blow any streaming service for gaming away by a long shot. That combined with Nvidia’s ease of use puts it way ahead of Stadia, at the moment.

While Stadia will continuously add services and games to their platform, it is difficult to comprehend whether it might be able to catch with Nvidia, however, Stadia comes from the minds of the people working at Google and if anything, Google puts any other tech firm in the world in their dust when it comes to innovating.