Bizarre Barber Review: A Routinely Used Form of Gameplay in a VR Format

Bizarre Barber presents a beautiful blend of monochromatically used concepts in a delightfully presented VR format. The storyline consists of a post-apocalyptic world where you are the only barber left,  rather conveniently. Though the game the question that a barber seemed to survive an unknown apocalypse remains unsolved.

We are equipped with a rather large pair of scissors for a “normal” barber and surrounded in a subway station where aliens of different sizes, shapes, and color poke their heads out of the carriage windows as they pass us by. And just like that, your journey into the unknown begins. In retrospect, the whole concept of the game revolves around cutting off alien’s hair in a rather unconventional game of whack-a-mole.

The whole concept of the game remains unexplained to you throughout the game. However, the developers behind the game, Synesthetic Echo managed to win over the grant of the 2018 Oculus Launchpad Program with the said concept. While the developer does give you some backstory where the inspiration from the game evolves around, you should experience the game before you should read the back-story to give you a fully immersed experience.  The end result is a game were cutting the hair of the aliens does bring you some satisfaction as it even goes on to make you feel a connection with every bubble-headed alien as it passes you by.

In terms of actual gameplay, it is a rather swinging motion of the controller type situation as you make your way through similar if not a little variation of level design. There are absolutely no buttons to be pressed through the game, as the game does seem to be aimed at the beginner class for VR prodigies. However, the game does get a bit difficult to get through as future levels feature aliens on spinning platforms and they even appear to get close to your avatar.

The level progression is based on a three-star rating, on a simple “If you cut too much or if you cut too few hairs, your star progression might be affected” system. Barring all that, the game definitely does not seem to characterize the AAA titles in the market. It just provides one more title in the beginner section for people who are looking to enter the VR game-space. You will also be pleased to know that the game looks downright gorgeous if whacky looking worlds are your thing.