How to Select Best Rakhi for Brothers on Raksha Bandhan? Here is the Exclusive List of Rakhi Type and Designs

Raksha Bandhan 2021, 22 August, Sunday (Shravan Poornima)

India is known for its festivals and its rich heritage culture. Every Indian festival has its historical importance. Raksha Means Protection, every Indian woman ties a thread of Rakhi on men’s wrists in response he protects her throughout her life as a brother.

We celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival to worship the love and trust between brother and sister. The thread of Rakhi on the brother’s wrist shows his commitment and duty towards his sister.

Since this festival started, after many years we celebrate this festival with full faith and respect. Maybe the look and design of Rakhi Thread are changing over time but devotions and the brother’s responsibility towards his sister are still the same.

Here we have some of the best rakhi types and designs

1. Spiritual Rakhi

Every festival has its own spiritual importance. Spiritual Rakhi comes with the print or locket of spiritual signs such as Om, Shree, or the Swastik symbol. Tie this rakhi to your brother and wish for his happiness and prosperity.

Rudraksha Rakhi

2. Rudraksha Rakhi

Rudraksha has its holy importance in the Hindu Dharma. Rudraksha represents the blessings from Lord Shiva. Wearing Rudraksha brings calmness and makes the wearer extremely alert. Rudraksha Rakhi will definitely be the best option for you to buy.

3. Resham Rakhi

Resham Rakhi will look simple but attractive on your brother’s wrist. Resham Rakhi is made from pure natural Resham (silk). It will be more suitable for your brother. You can easily make it at home or can buy it from the nearest store.

4. Silver Rakhi

Silver Rakhi is available at any jewelry shop near you. Silver metal Rakhi has threads and silver pendent or whole silver Rakhi like bracelets. It’s totally your choice which you want to buy for your brother.

5. Cartoon Rakhi

Cartoon Rakhi is more suitable for your younger brother or kids. Kids love cartoon characters imprint on their Rakhi. Select your brother’s favorite cartoon character or superheroes such as POGO, Chhota Bhim, Super Man, and many more. Cartoon Rakhi can be easily available at any local market.

Pearl Rakhi

6. Pearl Rakhi

Pearl represents, calmness, and love. Tie your brother a pearl rakhi and wish him a beautiful life ahead. You can find a pearl rakhi at any jewelry shop or market. You can order it online also.


7. Kundan Rakhi

Kundan is a kind of stone and is famous in the Indian jewelry market. Kundan rakhi will look much pretty on your brother’s wrist. It is available at a very low cost. Buy a beautiful Kundan Rakhi for your brother this year.

Zari Work Rakhi

8. Zari Work Rakhi

Zari work is so much traditional clothing work in India. Zari Work Rakhi will look better on your brother’s wrist. Zari work can be done on Rakhi by Silk, Silver, or Copper threads.

Flower Rakhi Kids

9. Flower Rakhi

Flower Rakhi will love by your younger brothers. Worked flowers, Flower Patches, Embroidery flowers, and many varieties of flower Rakhis are available in the market. You can buy any of the flower rakhis for your brother.

Swastik Rakhi kids

10. Swastik Rakhi

This year on Raksha Bandhan select a special Swatik symbol Rakhi for your brother. Swastik symbol has its spiritual importance. Its wearing can bring stability and improves the power of thinking. The wearer will be live in the blessing of God always.

Bracelet Rakhi

11. Bracelet Rakhi

There are many fancy designs Rakhi available nowadays. Select bracelet type Rakhi is will work as both rakhi and bracelet. Your brother will really love it. Pray for your brother’s long life and happiness this Raksha Bandhan. Tie him Rakhi of love.

Latkan Rakhi

12. Latkan Rakhi

Latkan Rakhi is so much famous type of Rakhi in India. In some states of India such as Gujrat, Rajasthan people love wearing Latkan Rakhi. This Rakhi looks like a Zumka. Buy your dearest brother a Latkan Rakhi this year.


13. Couple Rakhi

Couple Rakhi comes for both Bhaiya and Bhabhi (Brother and his wife). On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan Buy a Couple of Rakhi and tie on your loving brother’s and his wife’s wrist. As an alike brother, your sister-in-law will also bless you with love and happiness.

Sandalwood Rakhi

14. Sandalwood Rakhi

Sandle Wood has so many spiritual values in Hindu worship, sandalwood is a holy fragrance ingradient in every ritual. Sabdalwood Rakhi is highly in demande, any size and shapes Rakhi is available in Indian Market.

Musical Rakhi kids

15. Musical Rakhi

Children and teenagers love this Rakhi so much. Musical sensors are attached to this Rakhi. Children enjoy this music by touching it. These types of Rakhis can be easily available at any place. You can aslo order it online.

Send Rakhi to your Brother

Many times we are not that lucky to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with our siblings. Send your darling brother the best Rakhi this year along with lots of love. Any longs distance will be covered in a fraction of a second with your love and wishes.

Varieties of Rakhi are available online and in the market with different sizes, shapes, and types. Select the best of best Rakhi for your brother and tie him the love and respect.

Hope this article helps select the desire Rakhi by every sister for dearest brother. Hope you love this article.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!!