25 Beautiful Raksha Bandhan Gifts Ideas for Kids: Toys, Sweets, Clothing, Video Games and More collection to Choose

Raksha Bandhan is the festival to celebrate the bond and relation between brothers and sisters. The sacred thread of rakhi reflects the love and trust of brothers and sisters. Declare love partners for families have the deepest love insight. Every year in Shravan month Raksha Bandhan Festival celebration takes place. To show the immense love between brother and sisters, the sister ties a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist. Later they distribute sweets and chocolates and receive gifts from family.

Every family has a brother-sister duo of kids, to make their Rakhi celebration more joyful we are come up with some best gift ideas for kids. Hope you will like those beautiful Raksha Bandhan gifts idea.

kids rakhi

Cartoon and Toy Rakhi

Make this Raksha Bandhan memorable, by selecting a perfect rakhi for kids. Today boys love the cartoon and animation characters the most. Select the best rakhi for children with their favorite cartoon show, Spider Man, Super Man, Chhota Bhim, Ganesha. Gift your child an Imprint cartoon character rakhi and see it will be the biggest excitement for them.

chocolates and sweets

Chocolates and Sweets

Children and Chocolate are always a strong bond like the bond between brothers and sisters. Multiply their joy of celebrating Rakhi, gift your kids a box of customized chocolates and sweets.


Children always love wearing new clothes. Festival season is about to start in India, buy trendy festival dresses for kids. You can also buy fashionable outfits for your kids so that they can wear them at functions or parties.


Soft Toy

Soft Toys are always been my favorite gift items for kids. Children get more excited when you give them a new soft toy. So this is one of the best Raksha Bandhan gifts I can suggest for kids.


Play Tent

An ideal gift for children between 6 to 12 years old. Send this gift and be the reason to make kids happier. Children will be happy to play in their new home. You can get it from any kid's store or you can order it online.


Board Games

Many kids love to play indoor games. The parent always carries the responsibitily of their kid's knowledge and curiosity growth. A Board games kit is the best option for kids. On the occasion of Rakhi, you can select a board game kit to gift their kids.



Every child loves a fancy backpack to go to school or coaching. Having their super hero picture on their backpack will make them happy. You can gift some Spider Man, Super Man, Bat Man, God Hanuman, or other cartoon character imprinted backpack to your kid.

Art Supplies

Art Supplies like drawing books, craft papers, and pencil sets can be the best gift idea for kids. Children love to spend time making greeting cards, doing the painting. Try art supplies gift this time your children will love it.

Pretty Watch

Cartoon, Barbie, Superhero printed watches can be the best gift option for kids. Cute and pretty colored watched will love your child. Pick a favorite colored watch and make your kid surprised.

Doll Set

Every girl loves to play with a doll. Every child girl has a set of dolls but this is not enough for her. Increase her collection by gifting a more set of dolls. Gift some doll accessories to decorate her dolls to enhance her playtime experience and creativity.


Pretty jewelry sets are available in the market for girls. Gift some of that jewelry like a bangle, bracelets, neckless, anklets, hair clips, etc. There are many jewelry options available to gift a girl. Panda, Taddy, Cat imprinted jewelry will love your girls.

Customised Photo Mug

Kids will love drinking from a mug with imprinted photos. Print your kid's photos on a mug, print some of their favorite cartoon character on the cup, and gift it to your child. This will be the best Rakhi gift for siblings and they will definitely enjoy it.


Story Books

Gift your kids some set of storybooks. Fairy tales, jungle books, cartoon magazines will love your children. Some reading habits will also improve in your children. Storybook is one of the best Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for kids.

Piggy Bank

Gift your child a small Piggy Bank, it will helpful and thoughtful gift idea for any kid. Saving some money aside is a good habit for children and it will be beneficial for their future. Piggy Bank is the best gift idea for kids.


Kids Kitchen Set

Especially girls love to play cooking kitchen sets. It will improve their love for family and family times. The kid's kitchen set is the best gift idea for Raksha Bandhan Celebration. You girl will definitely enjoy playing kitchen set.

Water Color Set

In focusing your kid's other activities and improve love towards art, a water color set is really the best option to give your child. Now chemical-free water colors are also available in the market. Gift your child a water color set and fill their life with colorful thoughts.


Puzzle Game

On this occasion of Raksha Bandhan Gift Pule game to kids. Kids will spend much more time solving puzzle at home, rather than force you to go out in this pandemic. A puzzle game is the best gift idea for kids.


Toy (Gadget)

Boys love to have a collection of toys such as trucks, cars, earthmovers, and many more. Gift your child some of the best set of toy gadgets and multiply their happiness togather with the Raksha Bandhan celebration.

Beautiful toddler boy playing with construction blocks at kindergarten

Building Blocks

Building blocks are the best gift idea for kids. Playing with building bloks increase the problem–solving ability of kids. It will help to improve the construction creativity of your kid. So we highly suggest the building block gift idea for kids.

Video Game

Today's kids love to play video games. Gift your child the best video game. Video Games are available at any kid's toy store and can be easily available. You can order it online. This the best gift idea for Raksha Badhan.

Cartoon and Toy Rakhi

Make this Raksha Bandhan memorable, by selecting a perfect rakhi for kids. Today boys love the cartoon and animation characters the most. Select the best rakhi for children with their favorite cartoon show, Spider Man, Super Man, Chhota Bhim, Ganesha. Gift your child an Imprint cartoon character rakhi and see it will be the biggest excitement for them.


Dough and Clay

You can gift some good quality dough and clay to your kids. This will make to improve your kid's creativity level and also help them to love clay art. Kids will love to play with clay.

School stationery

School stationery is the best idea gift for kids. You can gift your kids some helpful school stationery such as craft paper, pencil set, notepad, papers, color papers, and more.


Out Door Game Kit

Gift your child some outdoor Game kit like, set of kites, cricket set, volleyball, football, and many more in option.


Shoe and Sandle

Girls love to have a set of candles and boys love shoes too. Add some more stuff to the kid's shoe and sandal collection by gifting them one or two pairs of shoes and sandals.



The best gift idea for kids on Raksha Bandhan is a set of accessories. Kids love wearing sunglasses, hats, caps watches, and many other things. Gift some set of accessories to your brother or sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan they will love it.

These are some of the best gift ideas and suggestions. Hope you like our 25 best gift ideas for kids on Raksha Bandhan. Make this festival more joyful and extraordinary by selecting the best gift for kids that may be cherished and becomes a treasure for years to come.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my loving brothers and sisters.!!