9 Secret Tips to Increase Your Business Productivity

To achieve great business productivity is the prime objective of every business. Poor business productivity gradually ends businesses and makes business owners insolvent. So, it’s important to consistently keep a check on your business growth. The real identification of a flourished business is, it always flows like a river and never remains stagnant like pond water.

So while running a business, always keep this instance in mind that your business has to flow like a river. Injecting your business with huge funds is not the way to get maximum positive results. There are many effective ways before your eyes that you don’t see. Anyways, we are here to reveal to you the simplest ways to enhance your business productivity.

Many business owners believe that investing money may bring ease and positive outcomes to their business growth. But this is completely a wrong ideology, money is not the solution for everything. Sometimes very small things are the solutions for big issues and we forget to consider those essential components. There are numerous cost-effective solutions and we humans feel money is the only answer for every challenge that comes forward.

Well, don’t worry, if your business fails to achieve higher productivity. Let’s walk you through a few tips that will surely prove to be beneficial to your business.

Secret practices followed by successful entrepreneurs to yield higher business productivity

Decide deadlines for your business tasks

Deadlines are a powerful time-management technique that can help you become much more productive if you know how to implement them properly. Deciding deadlines keeps complex, multistage projects on track. It makes clear what we’re expected to deliver and when. Thus, results in smooth functioning of workflow, free of confusion.

Your deadlines must be strategic to help you move closer to your goals every day, week, and month.

Stop practicing multitasking

You should stop performing multiple tasks together as it just finishes up the tasks without any quality. While performing multiple tasks, a major emphasis of employees is on completing tasks speedily only. People forget to consider quality in the process of disposing of several tasks.

Multitasking decreases the brain’s efficiency and mental performance, thus productivity level also declines. Also, doing so many things togetherly at once can impair cognitive ability.

Minimize interruptions as much as you can

With minimal interruptions, one can’t only work productively but can work for long hours also. Better productivity can only be gained when someone is fully engrossed in the allotted task. But, meanwhile, if several interruptions arise, the flow breaks down and results in extreme poor productivity.

Interruptions negatively impact the quality of work. It completely ruins the flow of the work. It is observed 44 % of interruptions are self-induced. Employees switch from one activity to another such as answering a phone call, responding to an email, etc about every three minutes.

Apart from this, there are many interruptions that contribute to poor productivity of employees.

Calculate how much time you are spending on tasks and limit time for every task

To fasten the speed of your workflow, it is important to know how much time is taken for every single task. When we are calculative regarding the same, we can set time limits to complete several tasks. This way you will never leave behind with the pending tasks. Always remain up to mark with the completion of your tasks.

Time tracking is key to understanding how you spend your time in completing business operations. It is key to quality work and a healthy workflow. When you know which tasks take the most of your time, you can better accomplish such tasks quickly by setting timers.

With time management you can see the amount of time you invest in a particular project. It pushes you to complete the task faster without getting distracted. Also, it helps you to stay away from distractions as well, thus, encourages you to complete work quickly as you can.

Push off the notifications and keep the phone silent

Mobile devices are the biggest disturbance these days. The pop-up notifications are sufficed to pull your concentration from your work. Other than this, these days people are so much addicted to mobile phones that they get attracted to phones automatically even if they don’t have any work with a phone.

If you’re working on something important, with every pop-up notification your focus is going to drift. This surely declines the effectiveness and seriousness of your work performance. Experts say it takes a full 23 minutes to recover your focus again after a distraction. That means each new notification could be compromising your full focus for up to 23 minutes.

List down the prioritized tasks

A task prioritization list is not only a proven way to focus your attention but to become more productive and limit distractions. It allows you to visualize the steps you must take to achieve your goal.

Prioritizing includes listing down the tasks that should be completed based on their importance. This trick may assist you organize your time more effectively .

Avoid unnecessary meetings

Meetings are a must to talk about how your business is going or if there is a need to make changes in the workflow of business. Meetings are also organised if there is an important agenda.

But there is no point to conduct meetings without any objective or if there is no necessity. It is just a waste of time.

An unnecessary meeting takes your employees working hours, thus, reduces their productivity on that respective day. Once or twice meetings a week is more than enough. Also, always set the duration of your meeting. It will remind you that you need to talk to the point and the most important things, no unnecessary stretching, it just wastes the time.

So, organize meetings with an agenda or motive.

Take required amount of sleep

Proper sleep of 8 hours is mandatory. If you want to work productively every next day, you have to complete the required amount of sleeping hours. Otherwise, you will feel sleepy which will immensely cost your working efficiency.

Sleep deprivation leaves you tired, less creative, and makes it difficult to stay focused on your tasks.

When we take proper rest, our brain is in relaxing mode, consolidating memories and quietly searching for solutions to problems we encounter. Spending required time relaxing your brain not only boosts creativity but enhances the ability to solve problems.

Take Breaks to get focus back

Taking breaks is a must, it acts as a boosting pill in a heavy busy schedule.

The short break time gives employees a few minutes to stretch tired muscles, find relief from one position and postures. A minimum 15-minute break is sufficient to refresh to get back to your work.

Make sure the tiny breaks should not be more than 15 minutes as it is enough to make yourself feel refreshed. Also, you have to complete the assigned projects as well so don’t stretch breaks more than 15 minutes.


For businesses of any size, an increase in productivity is a must. It is always accompanied by an increase in profits and making profits is an integral part of businesses. That’s because you’re making more output from the same level of input.

Keeping an eye on business productivity and continuously improving it, is a key task of business management.

An incredible variety of factors affect productivity. The issue is, business owners are not aware of such factors or they don’t find time from their busy schedule to think about the same. For every issue, the first step to finding a solution is to sit relaxed, and then think deeply about how to resolve the same.

Well, we have cited the most simplest and effective tactics that may help you. Implement these tips and let us know your experience through your feedback in the comment section. You can also share any secret tip that you are already implementing.

Thanks for sharing your precious moments!