Justice League Snyder Cut 2 FULL Breakdown and Sequel Movies Explained in Detail

The breakdown of the story the zack Snyder revealed with all of his storyboards pretty much gave us  what the entire story for all the justice league sequels is going to be. So there’s a lot of stuff. Obviously, we just got done watching the Justice League Snyder Cut but careful for spoilers If you did not watch that movie. At the end pretty much tell you where the story is going next in justice league 2.

But what happened is way back in december 2015 jim lee said that zack snyder brought him on to the project to draw these giant, like 10 foot tall storyboards with the pitch for justice league 2 and justice league 3. To convince the studio, to spend the money, to make all three movies. And with the studio warner brothers and zack snyder has said about the chance of us actually getting this story of the sequels in some form or another.  But the big question is whether or not that’s going to be a movie or it’s going to be as a comic book . So he starts by saying although originally pitched as one film we believe the character arcs of our heroes and villains along with the epic battle with darkseid which unites the league.

Wonder Women

The world and the entire dc universe warrants two films instead of just doing one sequel. He goes on  to say however this does not mean that you have two films centered on dark sides invasion rather  justice league 2 would be a very grounded personal and character-driven film that would follow the  justice league both together and separately. As they mend old wounds on the road to becoming  better and stronger heroes while lex luthor recruits a league of his own the injustice league made up of revenge driven villains. Introduced in the hero solo films dr. maru from wonder woman 2.

That was actually dr poison i think originally in zack snyder’s idea they would have introduced dr  poison in a bigger way during the sequel to wonder woman captain cole. From the flash movie ormond  black manta from the aquaman movie and the riddler from ben affleck’s version of the batman movie.  These villains would link all of the dc films together. Now remember this is back in 2015, so it’s the original version of the spin-off films those wound up changing a little bit like the aquaman movie changed a little bit, the flashpoint movie has changed a little bit, the wonder woman movies have changed a little bit. Then he goes on to say like empire strikes back in the last harry potter film.

Justice league 2 would end with a cliffhanger revealing only at the end of the film. Lex and his league are connected to dark side then flash forwarding five years into the future, where darkseid has taken earth. That’s basically the nightmare future that we see at the end of the justice league snyder cut. Then he goes on to describe the hero’s arcs through parts 2 and 2a with lois’s help the back from the dead superman will learn to become clark kent again feeling more human than ever. He and lois start a family remember how they teased lois was pregnant . Wonder woman would reconnect with the amazons and her mother eventually becoming their new queen and rejoining these isolationist warriors with the outside world. Meaning connecting with the outside world. Aquaman with the help of mira will bring the seven kingdoms together.

Seven kingdoms of atlantis originally becoming the one true king building a new alliance between the oceans and the surface that was what the whole unite the seven tagline was about unite the seven kingdoms of atlantis. Before atlantis sank into the ocean the flash will free himself from the past releasing his father from prison with cyborg’s help and learning how to master his time traveling abilities. Literally becoming able to be in two places at once. Cyborg will evolve both into the modern day god of the digital age and into a human once again, and batman will ultimately sacrifice his life for the unlikely friends and the woman he loves. Leaving behind a legacy that will never truly die but he starts with the plot of justice league 2. By saying the justice league united we open with the justice league in action during a natural disaster. Working as the efficient powerful team they become weeks after the first justice league movie ends. They act together they save lives in the aftermath the justice league return at the only headquarters. They know the bat cave bruce secretly meets with lois both of them still searching for lex luthor. The meeting ends after lois tells bruce that superman needs her more than ever . Bruce knows lois is hiding something else probably the pregnancy he was gonna set this whole batman. Lois lane romance through the sequels that would play out then he talks about lex luthor.

Recruiting the injustice league meanwhile deep in the brazilian jungle lex locates dr maru that’s dr  poison from the wonder woman movie still alive, experimenting on herself prolonging her life, and testing new chemical weapons. On unfortunate human lab rats like an obsessed stalker maru has  spent decades collecting information and artifacts on diana and the amazons. Now that diana has become known in the world. Lex offers Meru a chance at revenge the same revenge he wants on diana’s friends superman and batman. Maru accepts in the atacama desert with meru’s help lex breaks orm in black manta out of the desert prison where they were imprisoned at the end of the aquaman movie.


Outside of central city in iron heights penitentiary lex finds leonard snark captain cold where he was left at the end of the flash movie or where he would have been left at the end of the flash movie. It offers him a chance to advance his weaponry and take down the fastest man alive. Upgrade his cold gun with alien technology. Then there’s this whole sequence with them intercutting between the injustice league and the justice league characters in metropolis. Superman asks lois lane what she was going to tell him as he hears the second heartbeat inside of her back in the louvre in paris. Wonder Woman and one of her fellow themskerans who came to warn her about Steppenwolf.

Apparently in the previous version of the movie there was an amazon instead of them just firing an  arrow. So an actual amazon came to warn her about steppenwolf they’re trying to find a way back to  themyscira but because of the magic that zeus put on it they can’t do it without some help from the  lasso of truth. Then as the lasso of truth is giving diana all these visions she suddenly sees a vision of herself as a dark diana as the goddess of war battling with superman she kills him. This is probably another vision of a potential nightmare future back in central city. Barry allen is at the courthouse with iris west and cyborg and with the help of the rest of the justice league they agreed to reopen his father’s case. So this is just the beginning of him getting him out of prison.


Then back in atlantis aquaman and meera are in this fierce battle to unite the seven kingdoms of atlantis they’re at the last seventh kingdom called the unseen and even though he winds up beating their king in battle. He refuses to rejoin the other seven kingdoms so he hasn’t completely united quote unquote the seven. At this point yet then back in the bat cave cyborg is helping alfred upgrade all of batman’s technology to hyper tech level batman moves deep into the canadian wilderness. Following a lead on lex luthor and winds up running into the riddler who seems like he’s been awake for days, maybe weeks he has this giant beard there’s writing all over the walls. It’s kind of like the inside of the cell at the end of the shazam movie. He says luther asked the question and i had to know the answer he reveals that lex luthor came to him with information about the anti-life equation. Remember that was going to heavily figure into the sequels. It was the big symbol that was carved into the ground whenever darkseid and then later steppenwolf smashed it with their weapons apparently there was this riddle connected to the secret of the anti-life equation and the riddler solved it and that’s what drove him crazy. Then as he reveals all this information to batman he winds up killing himself then as batman returns from the wilderness back to the bat cave and alfred they reveal that lex luthor has found all three mother boxes. Then at the three rivers dam helicopters survey the area as lex is on the scene and activates all three mother boxes his true plan to destroy the justice league and take the power of the anti-life equation for his own.

Then as the three mother boxes are coming together and lex luthor thinks that he’s achieved his goal a boom tube opens darkseid and da’sod step out as you would expect darkseid promptly takes the power of the anti-life equation for himself. Back in the bat cave superman learns of darkseid’s arrival and tells bruce please protect lois lane she’s my world she then reveals to batman that he’s not the father of her child superman is the father of her child. Then back at the site of the battle lex luthor reveals darkseid has the power to kill superman. In darkseid acknowledges him and says i don’t want to kill him i want him to submit so that sort of explains why you have this evil superman in the nightmare timelines and lex luthor gives him the idea that it’s all about the girl. Lois lane saying that if you want superman to submit you have to kill the girl even though superman is supposed to be able to beat darkseid. Be that powerful the reason why he’s able to kill lois lane is because he uses a boom to instantly travel to the bat cave and kill her. So that’s how you wind up with this scene the vision that cyborg got from the mother boxes of a potential future with him cradling her dead body and then breaking in dark side turning him in all.


While this is happening you have all the other members of the injustice league enacting these attacks in different justice league people’s home worlds like dr maru goes and unleashes this poison gas on themyscira killing all the other amazons. Then apparently back in atlantis orm and black manta were going to kill aquaman but mira would survive that’s how she winds up in that nightmare timeline. But not aquaman then back in the batcave batman finds out what’s happened with darkseid. Killing lois lane superman turns on him immediately becomes evil superman and tries to kill batman then just as lex luthor is basking in his victory over the justice league evil. Superman shows up and burns him on the spot and they sort of cut to black the transition as lex luthor starts screaming and gets lit on fire then  they cut to five years later. And you’re in the nightmare future like everything is a wasteland on earth like batman is taking the survivors to the bat cave or where the bat cave used to be.

Then we meet a new green lantern it’s implied that it’s killwog the dead green lantern from cyborg’s  vision that the mother boxes gave him. But this is him when he’s first showing up to planet earth his  ship is crashing and he’s trying to contact someone from the justice league. But no one’s picking up batman finds him and saves him from the rubble of the ship then a bunch of pair demons. Swarm them but they get saved by deadshot another batman villain showing up who’s now working with him in the future flash shows up helps them destroy the rest of the pair demons.

Green lantern

Then green lantern explains what’s been happening in the rest of the universe with darkseid and the  anti-life equation how he’s paving his way conquering the universe they go back to the remains of the hall of justice. Underneath wayne manor mira shows up with some drinking water then batman explains their time travel plan to green lantern how they’re going to send the flash back in time to warn him at the correct point. In time to save lois lane so that superman doesn’t wind up getting turned and though able to defeat darkseid cyborg then reveals that he’s created the cosmic treadmill from the comics that flash is going to use to time travel. So while flash and cyborg are busy sending flash back in time you have batman the rest of the survivors trying to distract evil superman with this big operation darkseid sends in this huge army of parademons so you have this massive battle going down superman winds up killing batman. Which i think is from this flash forward vision that cyborg gets but here’s the way that he killed him superman kills batman with the original kryptonite spear that batman had intended to kill superman with in batman v superman.

But batman’s planned his word to flash travels back in time and is correctly able to warn batman at the right point in time and plays to save lois lane batman’s able to push lois lane out of the way of darkseid’s omega beams just in time to save her and superman shows up enraged. But this time instead of going after batman blaming him for lois lane’s death because she’s still alive now with superman’s child he flies a dark side in a rage and starts fighting him then in present day. Darkseid starts a full-scale invasion of earth with his fleet like he talks about at the end of the snyder cut and they have their version of the avengers end game final battle on earth with pretty much every character from the dc universe. You’ve ever heard of coming back in the way they end things seems very similar to the iron man avengers end game ending with him sacrificing himself to snap the infinity gauntlet batman winds up sacrificing himself to land the killing blow on dark side and destroy him completely then in the aftermath. Lois lane eventually gives birth to her child they name it bruce kent after bruce wayne in honor of his sacrifice but remember she’s with superman he doesn’t have any power so he doesn’t become superboy or anything like that. But in 20 years there’s this ceremony where commissioner barbara gordon is honoring batman’s sacrifice 20 years before she tells lois when are you going to tell him looking at her son that the secret she’d been keeping this whole time is that her son bruce kent was secretly bruce wayne’s child.