Apple’s iPad Magic Keyboard Review: Is The Magic Keyboard Worth The Price?

A few days ago, Apple released the long-awaited Magic Keyboard case ahead of schedule. The Magic Keyboard, which comes in 2 sizes, is compatible with Apple’s 2020 and 2018 iPad Pro, which is more than just for typing. When you close it, it acts as a case for your iPad protecting your device securely. Since its launch on the 17th of April, the keyboard case has been available for order. However, customers have been encouraged to wait until mid-May before they can get their orders. One thing everyone has been wondering is whether the device is worth its high-end price or not.

What Features Make Apple’s Magic Keyboard Worth The $299 – $349 Price Tag

The 11-inch version of the keyboard case costs $299 and the 12.9-inch version costs $349. It has similar features to the latest MacBook Air and it is perfect for use in all lighting conditions because of its back-light brightness. The scissor-mechanism of the keyboard comes with 1mm key travel. One key feature that makes this keyboard stand out from other keyboards is that it has an integrated trackpad that allows you to change the position of your mouse cursor when you’re using the iPad’s 13.4 OS.

Another unique feature of this device is its design. The cantilevered design of the keyboard allows your iPad to float above it. It’s just like magic. You don’t need to worry, it’s not magic. It is magnetism. The case attracts your iPad magnetically so it hovers above the keyboard instead of resting on top of the keyboard. This improves the proximity of the screen to your eyes. Let’s not forget about the double-hinge design that can be tilted to 70, 90 and 130 degrees depending on what you want.

Overall, the magic keyboard is a luxurious device that allows people to use their iPads like a laptop. It does everything it is designed to do and more. If you love fancy and functional designs, it is worth the money.