Apple’s New iPhone SE Will Target Mid-range Users

A few years ago, Apple decided to attract mid-range users with an affordable device that isn’t as expensive as the other Apple series but not too cheap either. However, the tech giant discontinued the brand in 2018. Now, the company has announced that it would introduce the iPhone SE to the market once more to target the same audience. There is an increase in competition from companies that provide high-quality mid-range devices in the smartphone market. So, Apple is trying to maintain its global presence by targeting this sector of the market as well.

The device has the same core processor as the iPhone 11 Pro but it has only one rear camera of about 12 megapixels. It doesn’t have a second lens but it can still be used to make beautiful portrait photos. The front camera is about 7 megapixels. The design is similar to the design of the iPhone 8 and it has a 4.7-inch screen. Each device costs about $399 which is around the same price as the original SE device making it more appealing to the market. Those who usually buy second-hand iPhones will be able to buy new ones for around the same price.

The new iPhone SE will be available for sale from the 24th of April. Apple is making a bold move by releasing this device amid the Coronavirus crisis. This is because the COVID-19 led to a drop in demand for smartphones and other electronic devices. Apple made a press release about how the Coronavirus pandemic will lead to a drop in sales and even production. They have had to close down many of their physical stores. People are more focused on buying food and protective devices at this time.

Apple isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer that is releasing new devices amid the crisis. Last month, Huawei released a flagship P40 range and OnePlus released new models.