Workers Now Use Artificial Intelligence to Ensure Compliance To Social Distancing Regulations

The United States initiated a stay-at-home order in a bid to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic as scientists look for a cure. While millions have complied, those in the essential services sector have been permitted to go to work as long as they follow the social distancing regulations along with others. For example, construction sites have been allowed to continue with their work as long as the safety of the workers is guaranteed.

 The social distancing regulation states that people should maintain a six feet distance from others in the workplace. This is done in combination with other CDC requirements like wearing face masks, hand gloves and sanitizing. Workers have also been encouraged to reduce social interaction in the workplace. To help people maintain the six feet distance, an Artificial intelligence application has been launched by The product, which is called Vinnie, has an interface that monitors workers and helps safety inspectors ensure that workers are following instructions.

 According to the CEO of, Josh Kanner, many construction sites have paid extra money for the labor required to ensure that they meet the safety requirements during this trying time. Apart from having a proximity alert, the Vinnie can identify project risks in construction sites. It also flags people who aren’t using protective gear. The system takes real-time footage and records videos of everything that happens in the construction site. This allows safety inspectors to view live feeds and to rewatch videos even after working hours if necessary.

 Vinnie is completely safe and it doesn’t breach the privacy of the workers. It has no facial recognition software and is 100% compliant with the European privacy standards. So, workers who are concerned about their privacy have nothing to worry about as guarantees that there will be no breaches.