Accademia and Private Firms with AI Interest Join the Fight Against COVID-19

It’s been months since the first case of COVID-29 was reported and the world is still on lockdown. In different parts of the globe, efforts are being coordinated to ensure that the world makes it out of this crisis and recovers fully. Now, private enterprises and academics have come together to integrate Artificial Intelligence In curbing the spread of COVID-19. The goal is to come up with a breakthrough idea using AI.

In a recent paper published by Deargen Scientists, an AI-based learning model called MT-DT is being used to predict how proteins are being bound by molecules. Normally, scientists use 2D and 3D molecular structures for this purpose. Using this method, they discovered that one antiviral drug called Atazanavir, prescribed for people with HIV, is a strong substance for treating patients with COVID-19. Atazanavir and some other FDA-approved antiviral drugs bind and block proteins that are outside the Coronavirus.

Another company that is working on AI-based solutions is Nanox, an Israel-based AI company. The company has released a mobile digital X-ray system. These systems can be used to diagnose the infection. The company also agreed to release 1,000 pieces of the product at prices that are far lower than the current X-ray systems that are in circulation. According to the CEO, of Nanox, this system diagnoses the problem instantly at a speed that is way faster than the regular one.

From China, private and public enterprises have been trying to stop the spread of the virus, find a cure or at least a vaccine by all means. Baidu has developed a system that measures body temperature through infrared sensors and computer vision. This device is special because it can be used to track temperature in public places. It automatically flags anyone whose temperature is above 37.3 degrees.

Researchers at Renmin hospital, Alibaba, Copenhagen, and many others are working around the clock to fight Coronavirus with Artificial Intelligence.