What You Need To Know About Tuned, Facebook’s New App For Couples

Yesterday, the tech giant, Facebook, released a new messaging app dedicated to couples. The name of the app is Tuned and it is a multimedia messaging application that is meant to help improve the communications between couples. Keep in mind that the version of the app that has been released is not guaranteed. It is just an experimental product and the success of the experiment will determine if a more permanent version of the product will be released or not.

Is Tuned Going to Remain?

The experimental team that created Tuned was set up by Facebook to work on new projects and see how the public reacts to them. Instead of using Facebook Messenger as the foundation for testing new products, they create these products from the ground up. For now, there isn’t anything special about the app, it is simply a messaging app with a scrapbook style feed and a feature that allows you to push your stickers and updates to just one person.

The app is beneficial for those who are in long-distance relationships and would not want any distractions from others while communicating with their loved ones. It’s also good for anyone who doesn’t like using Facebook because it has no ties to Facebook. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to use Tuned and there is no option for you to reach your Facebook friends through Tuned. It is meant for just you and your significant other.

While the concept of the app is interesting, the timing of the release may make it difficult for the development team to get accurate traction data from users. The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic has led to the lockdown of many major cities around the world. So, most couples spend every hour of the day together and may not find the app appealing for now.