Tech Firm TCL Launches Affordable Self-branded Smartphones For Customers

Over the years, TCL has evolved from a chip and TV manufacturing company to an all-inclusive one. Like many other tech companies, they now produce smartphones. However, the smartphone market is extremely competitive and every involved brand is looking for how to up their game. TCL has maintained its presence since 2016 by buying what it needs from different brands and producing affordable slab phones. Now, the company will be branding its smartphones with its name.

All the devices cost less than $500 and they come with the latest Android operating system. While they may not have the same features as high-end devices like water resistance and wireless charging, they all have programmable side buttons, headphone jack, microSD slots, NFC, and USB-C among other things. The cheapest one among the new self-branded devices is the TCL 10L which costs about $250. It has 4 rear cameras and a 4000mAh battery. There are two versions of this phone, one has 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM while the other has 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

The most expensive of TCL’s latest phones is the TCL 10 Pro which costs about $449. It is a 6.47-inch device with a 45000mAh battery. The screen has a 2340×1080 OLED display and the storage is 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. It has four rear cameras and the main camera has 64 megapixels. The phone is scheduled to be released sometime in the second quarter of the year as long as things have gotten back to normal. Another interesting phone on the list of upcoming releases by TCL is the TCL Pro 5G. It is faster than the TCL Pro but it is surprisingly cheaper with each unit costing $430. It has a 4500mAh battery and it is 6.53 inches in size.

There are many other phones lined up to be released by TCL this year. Considering the ever-rising cost of smart devices, TCL is helping those who can’t afford high-end Android devices.