Apple Kicks Starts Production And Shipping of Face Shields To Medical Workers

In the war against Coronavirus, medical workers have sacrificed the most. While people working in companies that provide non-essential services have been asked to stay at home with their families to curb the spread of the disease, medical professionals have to work extra time to care for the sick and look for ways to cure the virus and put an end to this pandemic once and for all. In response to this pandemic, tech giant, Apple has announced that it has successfully sourced over 20 million face masks for medical professionals.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said that the company is now working with the government to distribute these face masks to as many medical professionals as possible. They are also working on producing face shields. The face shields are being designed, developed and shipped by members of the company from across the globe. Cook posted a video on Twitter in which he wore one of the facial shields. The video was accompanied by a tweet stating;

“Apple is going to support the global response to COVID-19. We have sourced more than 20 million masks through our supply chain. All our teams are also involved in the production and distribution of face shields for medical workers.

The first shipment of adjustable face shields has already been delivered to hospitals in Santa Clara Valley. All the doctors who used them have provided positive feedback for the product. Each box has 100 pieces and the face shields are completely adjustable. The materials being used for the face shields are being sourced from the United States and China. By the end of the week, if they maintain their current rate of production and distribution, Apple would have shipped over a million face shields.

 Cook said that it is Apple’s goal to support the world during this difficult time by producing unique products that will meet the needs of medical practitioners around the world.