How Scientists Are Using Artificial Intelligence In the Fight Against Coronavirus

For the past few months, Coronavirus has held the world to ransom because it is something that has never been seen before and it spreads fast with no regard for age, social class or gender. The world is facing a single enemy and scientists are trying their best to aid in the fight against Coronavirus. Right now, discovering a drug and a vaccine that can cure or prevent the virus is the priority next to containing the spread. Scientists aren’t depending on only their minds in this fight. They have turned to artificial intelligence for help.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Aiding In the Fight Against Coronavirus

Artificial intelligence startups have started shifting their focus to using AI for drug discovery. This would include everything from development to trials. Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time AI is being applied in drug discovery. Within the last decade alone. Startups have received over $5.2B in funding for the application of Artificial Intelligence in drug discovery.

One of the most popular AI applications that are being used during this trying time is the Information Engine. The Information Engine is an AI-based machine that is used for clinical trials and drug discovery. It serves as a synthesizer layer for other applications to gather insight. This is especially important because there is a never-ending flow of information at the disposal of scientists who are looking for a cure for Coronavirus. These Information Engines automatically sort out the content that is relevant to the case. It saves time and resources.

Thanks to the use of these AI-based Information Engines, scientists have been able to discover that Baricitinib, a drug for rheumatoid arthritis, can be used to inhibit endocytosis in patients with COVID-19. When combined with antiviral medications, it can reduce the replication and infectivity of COVID-19.