What You Need To Know About Blink’s New Indoor Security Camera, Blink Mini

You can never be too careful in your home especially when you live with your loved ones and you keep valuable items indoors. Thanks to technological advancement you can monitor indoor and outdoor activities with a simple yet efficient security camera like Blink Mini. One of the latest indoor security cameras which also happens to be the company’s most affordable camera at this time was released a while ago. It costs just $35 which is incredibly lower than other indoor Blink cameras. So, what do you get for your $35?

Features Of Blink Mini

  • It was specifically designed for indoor use so you should consider other Blink products if you’re looking for an outdoor security camera.
  • It is powered through an adapter rather than a battery.
  • It allows two-way communication
  • You can use it without the Blink sync module.
  • It has a 1080p high definition live streaming.
  • It comes with a motion zone feature.
  • First-time buyers will enjoy free cloud storage until the 31st of December 2020 after which they will be required to pay $3 monthly or $30 annually.
  • You can connect the camera to any Alexa-enabled smart display that allows you to record and watch clips later. You can also connect it to smart speakers in your home.
  • It is affordable. A single-camera costs $35 but if you buy two at the same time, you’ll save $5.
  • It is compatible with Blink Sync Module 2 which will hit the market later in the year. This sync module can be used as a cloud storage alternative.

The Blink Mini camera is the perfect option for anyone who is looking for an affordable indoor camera for their smart home. From the 15th of April, the product will be available on Amazon for preorder for anyone interested.