Christmas and COVID-Rules and New Guidelines: What can you do in a Covid Christmas?

This year you should celebrate Christmas in the safest way. And the safest way is to celebrate with your own family without interaction with others otherwise keep minimum interaction with other households. If increased social contact then risks also increased, so it is important that you can take care of yourself and your family. Follow the rules and guidelines, so you can help peoples also to limit the spread of the virus. Because of this, you can protect your loved ones.

If you want to celebrate Christmas with many friends then use technologies. With the help of technologies, you can arrange bubbles virtually. Arrange zoom meetings, and invite friends and family members. so, you can meet them and celebrate with them. You can arrange the music and party and games virtually. This is a new experience for you and all.

What you should need to know

You can create a Christmas bubble for one day between 23rd and 27th December. Those who work on Christmas day are given a little flexibility.

If you decide to create a bubble you should do it:

  • Decrease the number of people in your Christmas bubble. It can be up to three houses and one of the three houses can contain an existing bubble arrangement. If you arrange the smaller the bubble, the safer it will be.
  • You spend time together at home and follow public health advice. Make sure your home is well ventilated and spend time outdoors instead if possible.
  • Reduce the distance you travel. Advise you to consider the risks of traveling outside to create a Christmas bubble.

How to stay safe from COVID-19

The more people you see, the more likely you are to catch or spread the coronavirus (Covid-19). Even if you and the people you meet have no symptoms, you can spread the coronavirus to others.

You and others in your Christmas bubble need to think carefully about this risk before arranging to the bubble. Bubble formation takes an extra risk if you are unsafe or medically extremely insecure. Carefully consider alternative methods such as the use of technology or the use of external assemblies.

You should start trying to reduce the spread of the virus and help society by putting social distancing, ensure that the festive season is as safe as possible. Including:

  • Before creating your bubble, you should limit your contact with others.
  • follow the self-isolation rules.
  • Clean your hands for at least 20 minutes.

Meeting people indoors:

If someone is in your Christmas bubble, you can visit each other’s homes one day. However, you should consider reducing your visit as much as possible as this will reduce the risk of transmission.

The virus is easy to catch and spread indoors, especially if the flow of fresh air is low. Therefore, when visiting the Christmas bubble, you should take these measures to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Handles the door and cleans the surface touch points regularly
  • Try to keep a social distance from anyone you don’t always live with
  • When you visit and open windows and doors to keep from getting cold, make sure that you have provided as much fresh air as possible when visiting.
  • Wear a face cover if fresh airflow is low or social distance is difficult to maintain


Everyone should follow the self-isolation rule, which is safe for you and for your family or whom you live with or in contact, have corona symptoms. Or having a corona positive result. Even if we don’t meet friends or family at Christmas, we should follow the rules.

After creating your Christmas bubble, if your Christmas bubble member tested positive for coronavirus during this period, you should also isolate yourself as if you were a member of the same household.

If you are medically extremely insecure

If you are medically vulnerable (CEV) you are still able to create a Christmas bubble but that involves more risks for you. You can reduce the risk of infection if you limit social contact with people who do not live.

Christmas bubble arrangement is your choice and should be balanced against the increased risk of virus infection.

If you decide to create a Christmas bubble, others in your bubble should keep in mind your growing risks and stay awake for a few days before you get together.


If you think about traveling from one place to another then you take risks. So, avoid traveling this year for the Christmas celebration and stay home.

If you travel and come back after celebration then you can increase the risk for your family because in a family mostly small children and old age members are present and this corona is more harmful to them.

Christmas shopping

Don’t go shopping if you have any symptoms of coronavirus. Shops are busier than usual on Christmas day. You should try to avoid it when the shops are busy.

You will buy yourself wherever possible, this will make the social distance easier for everyone. It is mandatory to cover the face while shopping or at the shopping center.

If you bring a hand sanitizer, take a contactless card or device with you to pay. Please follow the steps taken while shopping and show respect to others.

After Christmas:

After the Christmas celebration, you should avoid contact with other peoples and with family if possible. Because some peoples do not have symptoms, and if that person has come in contact with you, then you become the spreader so you should avoid contact and interaction with friends and family members. To take care of yourself you should stay in self-isolation and you will have to wait 15 days from the last meeting of your Christmas bubble before starting a new support bubble. You can go to work if you can’t work from home but you should avoid unnecessary social interactions. Increased contact with other people can catch or spread the coronavirus.