Top 10 Best Christmas Holiday Destinations: The Worlds Most Festive Cities

The holidays are always special and plays important role in everyone’s life. We’re all here to stay home with loved ones, but we also love seeing how cities around the world change in December. If we go to a different destination for Christmas celebration then you can get more happiness and also get some extra knowledge about how other peoples are celebrating the function. Here you get so many wonderful destinations to spend and celebrates the Christmas holidays.


For the Christmas holiday, New York is the perfect place or location. When you go to spend the Christmas holiday then you must go to Rockefeller plaza. The most attractive thing is the big Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. The whole tree is fully covered with multicolor lights. This tree is amazing, no words for it. Near this area you can see other buildings and trees are also covered with lights, some people sell the snacks, lighting balloons, small birds and toys, etc.


  1. Bruges, Belgium:

Made for Christmas Bruges, which is a medieval scenic at any time of the year. The Belgian city has the usual market and ice separators present and appropriate but the place has all the charm of its own. Christmas in Bruges is feeling like you are entering into a haven. The medieval town of Belgium has glowed out with lights and balloons. Every market looks like a magical world. A visit to Bruges Christmas Markets is guaranteed to make you feel guaranteed, vague, and festive.

  1. Hong Kong:

In Hong Kong, Christmas never pass out without fanfare. Hong Kong’s yuletide Urban offerings are New York’s competitors, forcing holiday markets, window displays, and concerts (they also have Santa Con). Then there are the lights. The 8 pm Symphony of Show threatens you with a highly choreographed neon show featuring Victoria Harbor and more than 40 of the city’s stunning skyscrapers.

Salzburg, Austria

  1. Salzburg, Austria:

Not surprisingly, the old UNESCO World Heritage City, which works on the background of The Sound of Music, is also filled with its famous Christkindlmarkt songs. For many, Salzburg is one of the best cities in Australia, with some of the country’s finest baroque architecture, sub-alpine scenery, and a musical heritage inherited from the city’s most famous son, Mozart. Its festive market is concise and intimate, and the frequent snowfall adds to its appeal, making it a perfect place to go for Christmas.

Berlin, Germany

  1. Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is a great place to celebrate Christmas, where one can enjoy a classical Christmas concert and many other wonderful moments. Berlin city offers multiple Christmas markets (More than 50 markets) for every year and is set in various locations. All markets have high-quality handicrafts with historical rides such as swing carols for children and vintage fans. Not only are there candles and consumerism to explore the city on Christmas Eve. If you go there then you can see there are plenty of museums and cultural events during Christmas days. Believe you never become bored in this city.

Lapland, Finland

  1. Lapland, Finland:

If you love to see Santa anywhere on this beautiful occasion, the Arctic Circle of Finland is a place to go. The happiest man in his red and white dress is the most resident of this city. In the reindeer-dotted forest, you can follow him and see his side effects while playing the game. This makes the city a fantastic world and if you want to celebrate a white Christmas, this is the perfect place. As one of the top Christmas destinations, Lapland has an amazing ‘Santa Park’ that can be your favorite place. While great ideas for children and any adult can be denied, anyone who believes in the magic of Christmas should still visit Father Christmas’s hometown. Of course, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park get the most visitors, but the nearby Rovaniemi also offers countless delights. Along with all the festivities, there is also the opportunity to see one of the most magical natural phenomena in existence: The Northern Lights.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland:

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is historically one of the most civilized cities in the world for the Christmas holidays and one of the best places in the world. Lothians get a stunning setting, usually rising from a flat landscape with a series of dead volcanoes and rocky spaces. Celebrated in the style of Christmas in Edinburgh and allows you to have a lot of fun on your Christmas holiday.

Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Washington DC, USA:

Head to the country’s capital this December for the perfect combination of holiday enthusiasts and fun activities that the whole family will enjoy. DC has a lot of incredible things to do, and most of these activities are free, so you can save on some last-minute Christmas shopping. To escape the cold weather, make a bundle and visit the National Zoo or go for a walk along the side of the National Mall and enjoy the holiday decorations (of course take coca in hand) at the well-known Smithsonian Museum. Stay at Ritz-Carlton Georgetown for easy access to the city’s charming neighborhood when it comes to amenities.

Washington DC, USA

  1. Solvang, California

You won’t be able to wander the charming streets of London or Munich this winter but you may feel like you’re European in America. Solvang is a small town in the Santa Ynez Valley, California, founded by a group of Danes in the early 1900s. They created this charming Danish community, now famous for its Danish business and European architecture. Solvang usually hosts Juliet every holiday season, full of festive events and decorations – check out the city’s website for this year’s festive updates. You can also choose to stay in beautiful boutique hotels in the city.

    10. Cologne, Germany:

Christmas market is present at both the side of the Rhine River. You can purchase any type of gift from this market. There are so many stalls, and this is the perfect place for selecting the gift.