Decoration Ideas for Christmas and New Year

Christmas and new year celebrations are just around us. To make Christmas and New Year’s Eve very special for your family and yourself. And you want decking out your home with Christmas decorations and new year’s decorations.

Whatever you want like traditional decoration or some different, then you get some ideas here, just you make yourself as creative. You get the best idea for big and small spaces in your home. That set the festive mood.

Artificial snow display:

In your hall, you can make artificial snow, Santa Claus, and his reindeer along with Christmas tree figurines. As shown in the picture, which looks very nice and you can put it all on the table. This makes your table very attractive and rich look.

Party decoration:

It’s time to get ready for the party and grand welcome of Christmas and new year. The decoration is also important in the welcome of Christmas and new year. Most people use candles, lighting and paper decoration, but in place of all this, you can try balloons with some ribbon which gives a great look to your party. And if you can make the same decoration for Christmas then also it is fantastic because this white color balloon gives look as snowfall.

Christmas decor for stair:

The stair is one important part inside the hall, so you should decor your stair with spruce tree branches, some hanging color ball along with classic ornaments, white ribbon and put one Santa at the starting of your stair so your stairs look different.

Decor your fireplace:

Place string lights in your lantern, in place of putting candles, and make your non-working fireplace in use. It looks great and also fills warm. As per your requirement, you can remain on or off, otherwise, you can set a timer for blinking your string light. Near the fireplace, you can put one chair with a beautiful pillow so you can sit on that and fill the worm. Put one basket near the fireplace full of gifts, so you can give your gift easily to your friends.

Artificial Christmas Trees:

You can buy one artificial Christmas tree, there are so many reasons to buy an artificial tree. For one, you can move it anywhere, you can save money for purchasing a Christmas plant every year. There are so many options for buying artificial trees like tall fir, short spruce, and very small trees for ultra-short space, along with that you can choose another colour tree also like golden.

Now you need some decoration ornaments. You can use multicolour lights, hang some toys, use some paper flowers or some paper hangers, you can also hang your favourite family photos. Use red colour ribbon, hang decorative ball, etc.

Try on some tassels:

Hang your favourite tassels on your doors. If you are using the red and green colour combination of tassels then it looks very attractive. You can also hang it on the chest of drawers, desk, and on windows. You can make one multicolour beautiful hanger of the tassel and hang it on the wall just above the table, so whatever you can put on the table that matches with hanger, so your wall looks nice or you can hang above the window, so your window is highlighted.

Candle decoration:

To feel someone very special then, turn off the lights and use the candles around the house. With the help of candles, everything looks magical and it makes a happier atmosphere. So, candle decoration is very important in Christmas and new year. These candles are easy to make so you can create them using your hands at your home so you can more enjoy yourself with family. For decoration, you can use cones, transparent jars, and flower pots, etc.

Cheers banner:

If you want a simple decoration for Christmas or new year then you can just use cheers banner on the wall where it looks best, mostly you can use it near cocoa station, so it suitable for it because on cocoa station we can use mugs, glasses, and straw. It gives the fantastic look of your cocoa station.

Glasses decoration:

Convert your boring drinking glasses into designer glasses so you can enjoy your drink with loved ones. Just stick a colorful small size ribbon outer surface of drinking glasses. If you are more creative, then you can use acrylic enamel paints to paint your glasses. According to your choice, you can paint a traditional design like a peacock design or paint something different like a 3d design. Put aside these glasses for an hour after drying them, bake them in the oven for 30minutes to set the paint. Turn off your oven and allow the glasses to cool.

Make Ornaments:

If you don’t want to buy ornaments and toys, then no worries homemade things are always best. Using clay or some other shapes you can make some toys. Otherwise, you can take spruce tree fruit which is dry put it horizontally and make the cone shape from paper and attach it to one end, make two ears and they also attached. Draw black colour eyes and nose, so it looks like a mouse. As per your choice, you can make different shapes of paper and attached them to spruce fruit. You can make a small Christmas tree with the help of this fruit. Take an old bulb to move the wire which is inside. Apply glue to the outer surface and then sprinkle some glitter on it. You can draw some designs on blub with glue and sprinkle different colour glitter according to design or attached some different shapes.

Hang all these handmade toys and ornaments are attached to the Christmas tree or anywhere.

Flower decoration:

Flowers are always making our mood happy. You can decor your entrance with the help of a flower. It may be an original or duplicate flower, but if they are original then grate because original flowers also give us a nice fragrance. To improve the look, you can use some tree branches or leaves, and multicolor lighting in between them.