Where do we Stand on the PlayStation 5 Coming our Way?

Let’s get something out of the way before you proceed any further. Everything is purely speculative at this point. We already know that Sony might be driving the next-gen PlayStation in late 2020. Or so we thought. Certain rumors made the rounds of the internet that showed that Sony might be making an online event in Feb or at least make some sort of announcement as they have been deafeningly silent on their end. Except for unveiling the logo for the PlayStation 5, Sony has not made any announcement as to when the next PlayStation might come out.

Taking a clue from the last-gen console, the PlayStation Pro came out a full 3 years after the standard PlayStation dropped. Assuming that the next-gen PlayStation will be dropping out in the same manner it is safe to assume that Sony dropping the standard console in 2020 and then making us wait a fair amount of time for the pro model. While certain rumors also point out that Sony might be dropping the ball by dropping both the consoles at the same time. Again, these are just rumors and speculation at this point.

While Xbox has beaten Sony by revealing their primary design and even released some specs for their next-gen console, previous sales records indicate that Sony while coming late to the party might be looking to score a home run right as they crash out of the starting gate.

However, as the outbreak of COVID-19 refuses to go down, both Sony and Xbox might be going on the backfoot for a while halting the production of their consoles. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is one of the most anticipated products that are going to hit the market this year and with an uncertain future for the release of the consoles, gamers all around the world are certainly feeling a power vacuum that needs to be filled desperately.