One Plus 8 Set to Make a Splash on April However Production Might be Delayed

The latest powerhouse from One Plus might be making an appearance in April, however, this time with a new twist. While the device will be unveiled at a scheduled time, actual productions might be delayed by several months. As a procedure, One Plus 8 will be shipped in three models, the standard, the Lite, and the Pro model, however, owing to the outbreak the model of One Plus 8 Lite has taken a severe hit due to its inclusion of the MediaTek Dimensity processor.

While no public announcement has been made by the company at the time, specifications and design for the upcoming One Plus models were circulating over the internet. The most notable model which was considered to be the actual device was shared by Tipster Max.J who shared a concept image with the date April 15th. One Plus is also rumored to host an online-only event like all their sister tech firms at the moment.

If rumors are to be believed the company will ship the standard and the Pro model after launch while the Lite model will be delayed from a  public comeback by a few months. The majority of One Plus phones are being manufactured in China and an entire segment of its product development lies in the estranged and plague driven country.

While the launch is scheduled to go down in April, there is no word on when the actual phone will be available. There are also rumors that the launch event could be postponed.

One Plus 8 is another offering of the company’s powerful tech at an affordable price. The net gen device will feature a 6.5-inch screen with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor along with a distinctive 3 camera setup. While the model will be shipped with barebone android along with a standard 6 GB of ram, the next One Plus 8 device does not pack any new innovative features that will make consumers flock up the shops as expected.