Apple Glasses Leak Hints at Half-Inch Sony OLED Microdisplay for 2022 Launch

Apple Glasses leak

The mysterious Apple Glasses have had a rumored 2022 launch date for months, however, Wednesday’s Twitter leak presents a number of the first concrete spec details we have seen relating to how Apple’s wearable AR shows will likely be manufactured.

Shows expert Ross Young tweeted that he has ‘heard from a number of sources that Apple is pursuing AR/VR glasses using Sony microOLEDs. 0.5″, 1280×960 resolution, 1H’22 intro.’

By ‘Sony micro-LEDs,’ Young is referring to Sony’s OLED microdisplay know-how, which Sony says is constructed for AR/VR glasses among different applications. It claims these OLED microdisplays have a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, a response velocity of 0.01ms or less, and a large color gamut.

Young says the half-an-inch (0.5in) display could have a pixels-per-inch depend of over 3000. Considering glasses lenses are typically about two inches wide, this suggests that the OLED microdisplays will be embedded inside of larger lenses, which could limit the field of view of the AR HUD. Maybe the OLED portion of the lens will be able to project its visible data across the entire lens surface.

While the leaker initially said that these shows can be used for AR/VR glasses, he then clarified that Apple deliberately to use them for its AR-only Glasses design. This tracks with rumors we have heard that AR Glasses would launch in 2022, followed by a VR/AR hybrid headset in 2023 or later.

Young previously predicted the 2021 iPhone 13 lineup would have integrated touch OLED screens with 120Hz ProMotion, which strongly suggests that he has inside sources at Apple or with its manufacturing partners.

Sighting other Apple Glasses leaks

Recent Apple patent filings have given us even further insight into some of the features and strategies that Apple Glasses might use.

One Apple patent, ‘Keyboard Operation With Head-mounted Device,’ describes how AR Glasses could be used to project a ‘virtual keyboard’ onto a desk or ‘touch-sensitive floor’ and register your keystrokes using the Glasses. Found by AppleInsider, this patent also proposed making your arms invisible whilst you kind to higher see the keys, or projecting typed words or ‘suggested text’ in the air above your keyboard.

Another patent also found by AppleInsider, ‘Monitoring a user of a head-wearable electronic device,’ proposes to use Apple Glasses to watch your head actions and facial expressions, then send the data to your iPhone. Along with apparent movements like shaking your head, Apple Glasses might use its mild sensors to watch ‘chewing; smiling; frowning; grimacing; gasping; mouth opening; mouth closing; or humming.’

Finally, an Apple patent filed today and found by Patently Apple proposes that Glasses wearers can decide up two consumer products and hold them both within view. The Glasses will reply by trying to find data on each merchandise, then projecting a summarized report of how the two products evaluate to one another in your field of view.