Why the Google Pixel 5 XL doesn’t exist but really should- Know More Here

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The Google Pixel 5 has been unveiled, and it looks like a decidedly affordable flagship, boasting respectable specs at a cheaper value than rivals just like the Samsung Galaxy S20 line and the iPhone 11 Pro phones. But there’s one thing Google’s new phone doesn’t have – a larger XL version – and that’s going to bum out some consumers.

Flagship phone lines have included larger XL/Plus/Max versions for years, ostensibly to please shoppers who absolutely need extra screen actual property and have been keen to pay a bit extra (often $100 / £100 / AU$150). But as soon as the Google Pixel 4a arrived in August and not using a larger model, we questioned whether or not the Pixel 5 would get one, especially after rumors surfaced that each the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL cannibalized sales of one another.

Now we have our answer: Pixel 5 has launched alone. That’s disappointing given all the issues that might’ve come in a physically bigger version that might justify a price bump.

So what would be on the menu for a Pixel 5 XL?

Google Pixel 5

Everything that could’ve come in a Pixel 5 XL

The straightforward reply is battery life: the Google Pixel Four XL had a staggering 900mAh extra capability than the usual Pixel 4, and whereas the new Pixel 5 has a much more respectable 4,080mAh battery, the XL model might lengthen that much more – maybe up to 4,500mAh or breaking 5,000mAh, which each finance and flagship phones have come out with in 2020. Capability doesn’t essentially imply a drastically longer battery life, but it could extend it considerably – which would depart extra to spend on the ‘Battery Share’ function to cost different units.

A Pixel 5 XL might also pack a 3rd rear camera: the usual Pixel 5 drops its predecessor’s telephoto lens for a 16MP ultrawide camera along with its 12.2MP foremost camera, however why not have each? The camera block is unquestionably big enough for it. The phone might additionally pack an additional front-facing camera for portrait mode-like pictures – or bring again the Soli depth sensor that enabled middling gesture management in the Pixel 4.

The extra area might imply further storage, too: 128GB is suitable on the mid-range Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G, but it feels sparse on the Pixel 5, as a flagship phone ought to pack greater than that (or a minimum of have the choice). And if we’re speaking extra room, why not fill a few of it with a 3.5mm headphone jack, most beloved of features now frequently retired from flagship phones?

However at the finish of the day perhaps it would simply have been enough for shoppers to have a bigger alternative to the usual Pixel 5’s 6-inch show. Whether or not that’s the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 6.5-inch display screen or one thing as colossal as the 6.9-inch show on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, shoppers may want one thing bigger – and so they’ll look elsewhere than the flagship Pixel line for now.

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