Scaler Academy Review: Is It Worth To Join Scaler Academy?

Scaler Academy helps software engineers to accelerate their careers by providing them a flexible, guided, and structured learning program. It does not matter how many years of work experience a person has, this program is open to all the Scaler Academy software engineers out there. Scaler Academy was found by IIIT Hyderabad by Abhimanyu Saxena and Anshuman Singh. It is the best platform for software engineers to get their online courses on different tech-related topics. Scaler Academy is the best tech-versity providing the best online courses for the top 1% of software developers of India.

Scaler Academy Features

  • This tech-versity provides CS fundamental courses and System Design courses and they teach the course through a project-based approach. These courses have been reverse-engineered and industry-vetted by analyzing the qualities required to be a great engineer.
  • At a particular time twice a week, Scaler Academy live classes are held with the students of the batch determining the time of the class.
  • Scaler Academy mentors areexperienced tutors who have had the experience of building flexible systems and know the importance of DSA and System Design in the real world are the ones teaching students the Scaler Academy online course.
  • Flexible schedule determined by the Scaler Academy students so that they can continue learning despite their stressful work schedule.
  • The Scaler Academy live classes are always recorded, so even if Scaler Academy students miss some Scaler Academy live classes they can watch the recorded lectures afterward.
  • Scaler Academy students can also change their batches for free.

Difference between Scaler Academy courses and other online courses

Unlike other online courses, the Scaler Academy online courses ensures Scaler Academy students personalized learning. Students get mentorship from industry professionals who work or worked in top tech companies one on one. Due to this one-on-one Scaler Academy mentorship provides students of their tech-versity always has that elder brother figure to look out for whenever they need some advice or guidance which the mentors provide with the help of their own past experiences. This was just the part of extremely brilliant Scaler Academy mentors, apart from that, Scaler Academyalso has a great placement support team.

Scaler Academy Eligibility

Software engineers with or without any work experience are eligible to join the curriculum of the Scaler Academy online courses that are being provided by this tech-versity. College students of first, second, third, or final year can consider Scaler Edge which this the program focused on students provided by Scaler Academy. To join the programs offered by this academy by scoring well in the entrance exam that is conducted by this tech-versity. 

Scaler Academy Entrance Test

The test consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on some topics. Aptitude and logical reasoning are the most important topics of the test. Basic Mathematics topics like permutation, combination, and probability carry the highest marks. Questions on basic time complexity analysis are also there and the most important part is the output questions that is you have to figure out the output from small snippets of coding which can be codes of Java, C, C++, or Python. The exam is thirty minutes entrance exam which people can clear if their coding skills are on point. Clearing this entrance test is the main Scaler Academy eligibility to get a chance to learn the Scaler Academy online course.

Scaler Academy online courses

The courses offered by Scaler Academy are for Software Engineers. CS fundamentals and problem-solving is taught to the students in this section in just fifteen weeks and in another fifteen weeks, students will be taught System Design with a project-based approach which will help the students with learning things more practically helping them in their interviews and also in real-life applications. Scaler Academy online courses have been differently designed for different types of programmers. 

For beginners, it has a course of 47 weeks in which the Scaler Academy mentor will help you learn the basics and important parts of the coding, for Scaler Academy students who can make basic apps they have a Scaler Academy online course for such students which is of 39 weeks where the Scaler Academy mentor will help the student learn the system designing and then the professional level of coding and for professional Software engineers who has a little bit of work experience can get 31 weeks. These courses are perfectly designed for the respective category of students.

Scaler Academy Job Placements

Apart from brilliant mentors and flexible, structured Scaler Academy online courses, another great thing about Scaler Academy is that they have a dedicated placement support team. The placement support team of Scaler Academy provides brilliant support to all the Scaler Academy students of the online courses. Multi-National Companies come to hire Scaler Academy students. In the year 2020 alone, the placement support team of this top-class academy helped more than a thousand tech professionals to get jobs in more than four hundred different companies to get jobs. 

More than a hundred Scaler Alumni work at Amazon, the biggest online shopping company in the world and five students of these academies got jobs in Google. One point five Crore INR per calendar year is the highest Salaried job offered to one of the students of Scaler Academy in the year 2020. The average salary of all the Scaler Alumni stands 18.77 lakh per calendar year at present.

Scaler Academy fees Structure

The total Scaler Academy fees of the Scaler Academy online courses including the Goods and Service Tax or GST is 2.5 lakh INR for one course. With EMI structure the Scaler Academy revenue can drop up to 7,200 per month. A student can also get a scholarship in Scaler Academy which can be up to 25,000 INR which will be based on the performance of the student in the thirty minutes entrance test. If someone can secure enough marks to get the scholarship and then also take the EMI payment facility then the students will just have to pay 7,200 INR per month which is very low considering the quality of education, mentorship, and placements that students are being provided with by this tech-versity.


Scaler Academy has been a great platform for software engineers to accelerate their careers and get better opportunities for jobs. With the help of the top class mentors of this online tech-versity, the Scaler Academy students have been able to improve their skills and the project-based way of learning helps the Scaler Academy students to be able to survive in the competition of jobs very easily.