Treasure Cloud Review 2021: Here’s what Treasure Cloud Storage Actually Is?

It is cloud storage that takes a privacy-first approach towards its users. They claim that they are trying to give control back to the users in a world where the user’s data is often taken without any sort of consent. They aim to never get your privacy compromised with their new technology which has client-side encryption. What’s more interesting is that you can get Treasure Cloud storage for Windows.

Treasure Cloud Storage Features

Treasure Cloud claims to have the following features which are quite good, to be honest, but we can only be sure after we use it.

1. Multiple Integrations

You can connect all of your cloud accounts which would allow you to share, search and manage all of your files in one place.

2. Client-Side Encryption

Here you have this amazing feature that makes all of your files encrypted, be it stored, in use, or transit. It gives only you the control over accessing all the files which are very precious to you.

3. Opt-in for Zero-Knowledge

If you want an additional layer of security then you opt for this feature. After doing it they won’t be allowed to even store your recovery keys in case you forget your passwords.

4. Simple and Secure File Sharing

You can be assured while sharing your files that only the recipient to whom you want to send the files will have access to it. Your files will be secure from malicious interfere even in use or in transit.

5. Universal Search

You can manage and search through all your files in their enhanced search feature. It is a one-stop tool that is placed on the top of the accounts.

6. Referral Program

They even give you and the person you refer to who might be your friend, colleague, or family an extra 10GB of additional storage.

Treasure Cloud Storage Reviews

Treasure Cloud Storage free can be perfect for you if free is all you want. Although free doesn’t always mean good, most of the time it comes at a cost, which could be your privacy in this case. Many services which offer cloud storage come and go in the market and it is quite rare to see a service that is new to show enough promise that it can actually make it to the big leagues.  

It is normal to have some hiccups with a new company, and Treasure Cloud is also no exception to that. In this review, you will get to know everything about it. You have to keep in mind that this company is a fairly new one, which just launched at end of 2020. It has some cons so to speak like it limits file size to 100MB, it has no customer support yet, it has a sluggish interface, it lacks collaboration options, and it is still new and untested. However, it still manages to impress us with a few useful and interesting features like cloud management and file previews, although it needs working on since the files are a little slow to preview. You can also preview your files from other accounts here and you can also delete, copy or move them around. If you have multiple cloud accounts that need to be accessed then this can be a very useful feature for you. You can also use it to have deeper and more elaborate control over your cloud.

Some Features the Users Want

Granted, that it retains all of the files which you have deleted, they do not provide a versioning feature which results in you not being able to roll back changes to a cloud file after you have uploaded a new version. Fortunately, according to their FAQ section, the company is working on versioning.  The absence of collaboration features is also a huge downside, which includes uploading folders and integration with different third-party apps like Google Docs. On top of that, the 100MB file size limitation is also very unsettling.

Treasure Cloud Storage Pricing

To be honest the Treasure Cloud pricing system doesn’t impress its users at all even though they give a very fascinating free plan. But when it comes to their paid plans they are unreasonably expensive. At first, they have the Plus Plan which gives the users 1TB of storage in the cloud and up to five cloud connections which costs $9.99 for one month and that is twice the price of many other storage services. Then there’s the Premium Plan which gives you unlimited cloud connections and 4TB of storage in the cloud and it costs $24.99 for one month.

The only thing impressive is its free plan in which the base standard plan gives the users and cloud space of 10GB and three connections in the cloud. It can also be extended with the help of the Treasure Cloud referral program up to 800GB. In this program, they ask you to send links to your friends or colleagues so that they can also join the Treasure Cloud Storage app, and then if that person joins then both you and that person would get an extra 10GB of free extra storage. In that case, if you happen to have 80 friends who are in dire need of an extra 20GB of free storage then you could easily have 800GB of free storage for your entire life.

Treasure Cloud opportunities and obstacles:


  • Excellent sharing option.
  • Clean privacy policy.
  • Integration with 3rd cloud storage.
  • Great referral system.
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Advance level sharing functionality.
  • Solid security.


  • It does not support file versioning.
  • No desktop app.
  • Slow speed.


If you think is Treasure Cloud storage safe, then to give you a proper answer we would have to say that it is fairly new so there could be undiscovered vulnerabilities in the system, although it has excellent encryption and the zero-knowledge feature. If everything is considered then it seems to be a promising cloud storage service.

It has a potentially huge cloud space that is free. However, it has some privacy concerns so you can say that it has a long way to go. It still needs to progress but it can be a leading cloud storage service in the future if it fixes its downsides on the way. We hope this article can help you to have a clear understanding of Treasure Cloud Storage.