Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Launch Date, Price and Features

The Samsung galaxy watch 3 is a superb smartwatch ranking high in our list of the best smartwatches money can buy of course we’re excited to see what Samsung will do next the company is almost certainly hard at work on the galaxy watch 4 already so hopefully, we won’t have to wait for too long to find out the Samsung galaxy watch 3 was announced on August 21st of 2020.

There wasn’t a galaxy watch too but the Samsung galaxy watches active 2 was announced on august 5th of 2019 and the original Samsung galaxy watch was unveiled on august 9th of 2018. With all that in mind it’s very likely that the samsung galaxy watch 4 will be announced in august of this year whenever it’s announced it will probablybe another two weeks or so from then to when it’s actually released so don’t expect to have the galaxy watch4 on your wrist.

Before late august as for what the samsung galaxy watch 4might cost there aren’t any rumors there yet but it might well be similar to the samsung galaxy watch 3 which starts at 399or 399 pounds or 649 australian dollars for the smaller 41 millimeters model and 429 or 419 pounds or 699 australian dollars for the larger 45 millimeters. One with the price rising in both cases ifyou want lte connectivity there are a few things that we can predict though based on previous models. It’s likely that the galaxy watch 4 will be available in two different sizes.

Optionally come with lte and in all cases come with a heart rate monitor an ecg gps and a circular mold screen it will also almost certainly run tizen and come with a variety of exercise and activity tracking features along with a swim safe build. One rumor suggests an upcoming samsung galaxy smartwatch will have a gluco meterfor measuring the blood sugar of the wearer it’s not clear if this is for the galaxy watch 4 or galaxy watch active 3 or both.