Velvet, LG’s Latest Smartphone Will Come With A Raindrop Camera

LG is one of the world’s largest tech companies and its audience has a wide reach across the globe. In its recent press release, the company announced that its new smartphone, LG Velvet is going to be the flagship device in a new line of elegant phones. One of the most significant features of the LG velvet is that it will come with raindrop cameras. Also, instead of giving its devices alphanumeric names like it used to, each device will be named according to its design and features.

LG Velvet is soft, smooth and beautiful. LG’s senior VC of product strategy Chang Ma said that while creating the new product, they placed a lot of emphasis on its design making sure that each phone has a personality and reflects the emotions of the user. On Thursday, LG released concept images revealing the phones sleek design and raindrop rare cameras. The images also show that the phone has symmetrical curves between the front and back.

The rare cameras descend in order according to their size and the primary lens stays just above the surface of the back of the phone. There are two other cameras under the glass and the flash rests beneath all three cameras. The press release didn’t say much about the hardware of the device but they promised that it would be sleek.

 Unfortunately, the release of LG Velvet might be delayed due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic that has put the world on hold. Millions of people have been forced to stay indoors. Businesses have closed their doors and even a great company like LG may need to postpone the release of their new products. So far, there have been 1,850,220 confirmed cases, 430,455 people have recovered and 114,215 have died due to the pandemic.