Asus Teases the World’s Fastest Gaming Monitor

Asus India has teased its consumers with their TUF GAMING VG279 QM, which is quote-unquote, “The World’s fastest gaming monitor” to date. This model was first released in December 2019 and was made available for sale in the U.S in January. Now, Asus plans to bring it to India. For complete clarification, this is a gaming monitor and not a dedicated PC.

The TUF GAMING VG279 QM will offer a full 1080p display with a 280 Hz rate which is almost double than the industry standard 144 Hz, however, it comes with a small catch. The display is capable of shooting 280 frames, however, you will need an equally powerful machine to run it. However, if you do have one, you will get a much more fluid experience in terms of availability in racing, first-person shooters and sports games.

The display is an IPS panel with a 1ms (GTG) response which in theory nearly eliminates motion blur and edge smearing. The contrast ratio is an incredible 1000:1 which produces brilliantly colored images. The display comes equipped with G-Sync compatibility with Variable Refresh rate feature which is enabled by default. This ensures that even if your GPU cannot push the intended 280 frames, it will hold steady at the frames the GPU is capable of pushing.

There is also an option of enabling ELMB (low motion blur technology) and Adaptive-sync technology which further takes care of issues such as ghosting and tearing of images at the higher frame rate. It also further helps push the TUF GAMING VG279 QM to produce razor-sharp images.

The display is an HDR-capable unit with DisplayHDR 400 technology. It produces an equally whites and blacks contrast ratio which will be visible for the gamers. It has DisplayPort1.2 along with 2 HDMI 2,0 ports and it can be wall or desk mounted. No heads up on the price for the Indian unit has been announced however, it does ship at $500 in the United States.