Here is how Instagram’s CEO manages his Affairs from his Garage

Instagram is often combined with the words “travel” and “experience” as its users fill their feeds with hand-picked filtered, cropped and color-combed pictures sharing their experiences with their friends, family, and co-workers. As Instagram’s popularity keeps skyrocketing, Instagram’s CEO Mosseri preaches to his Instagram family to follow his footsteps – Stay at home.

Over the past few weeks, Instagram has incorporated a “Stay at home” tab that hovers in the stories section at the top of the feed. As the name suggests, the tab shares various people all across the U.S sharing their experience and foothold as they turn in for the long slumber to combat the effects of the ever-increasing COVID-19. Mosseri even quotes that the newly added tab got so popular with the users that the site has to be shut down for a few hours after the feature went live.

“Having our workforce, particularly our moderators, work from home, is creating all sorts of challenges that we need to work through,” Mosseri quotes in an interview with over Skype on Tuesday from inside the garage that has now been converted into the de facto command center.

“Just generally, the amount of output we should be able to expect on a per person basis is just going to go down,” he said. “There is no way around that, which is why it is so important we get creative and make sure that we continue to make sure we keep people stay safe on the platform,” Mosseri still maintains that the company will still combat challenges like taking down content related to child exploitation and terrorism during these challenging times.

This is not the first time that Instagram’s newly added feature needed some extra tweaking so that its users could enjoy it without interruptions. However, what is apparent is the prowess of Mosseri and his team who managed to restore the world’s biggest social media platform within hours while communicating and working in tandem from their own home.