All Essentials for AWS Certification Courses

AWS is one of the current most significant players in the cloud computing markets. Plus, more and more enterprises are moving towards it due to the platform’s benefits and features. So if you want to get a new tech job or wish for career growth in tech, AWS certification should be on your priority list. The proper knowledge provided by the course will help you improve your skills to provide better to the organization. In case you are still in confusion, here are some essentials that will help you decide. So let’s begin with them.

The Level of Courses

Before you move forward with your decision, you should first know about the available courses under AWS certifications. There are basically three levels of training you can obtain here:

Foundational: This course includes the basics of AWS and cloud computing. For this reason, it is suitable for people who have no prior knowledge about it, such as fresher’s.

Associate: This course includes a bit of higher-level learning. Hence, it is preferable for individuals who have some prior experience working with AWS or cloud computing.

Professional: This training is for professionals who have thorough knowledge about cloud computing and have worked in the domain for several years. With this course, they can become familiar with more advanced concepts and grow further in their careers.

Benefits of an AWS Certification Course

You will gain a number of benefits just by getting certified under an AWS course. These include:

  • Job Eligibility: Various top IT jobs, such as software developer, web developer, data engineer, and network engineer, nowadays require an AWS certification. After you successfully complete the course, you will become a preferred candidate for these job opportunities.
  • Better Earning: As you will be able to get one of the most in-demand jobs, money won’t be an issue for you. The average salary of cloud computing professionals is generally higher than in other kinds of jobs.
  • Global Possibilities: AWS operates on a worldwide level with several prominent enterprises as its clients. With the help of AWS certification training, you can even apply for jobs globally in different countries. Therefore, the course will open a door for better possibilities for you.
  • Career Growth: If you think that your career is stuck at a point and you see no further growth, AWS training will help you. The course will offer you a diverse learning experience. Thus, you can conveniently become more efficient at your job and grow more.
  • Theoretical and Practical Knowledge: Another benefit of an AWS certification course is that it includes both theoretical and practical knowledge. With this, you can learn properly and see how things are implemented in real-life situations. So you won’t face any difficulties while using your education for practical use.

Requirements for The AWS Training and Certification

Once you decide that you want to opt for AWS certification, the next step is to check which course you will apply to. You can’t simply choose the one you want from the programs mentioned above. There are some basic requirements you need to fulfill.

Course Duration Requirements
Foundational  90-minute multiple choice quiz Some experience with AWS
Associate  2-hour multiple choice quiz One year of AWS experience
Professional  2-hour multiple choice quiz Two years of relevant AWS environment experience


There are some other courses as well, but they are domain-specific, for example, data analytics and machine learning. You can go for them if you are interested.

Free Training Sources

If you only wish to gain knowledge and no professional AWS certification training, there are free options available for you. Despite being free, they can teach you almost all concepts of AWS cloud computing, so you will be able to use AWS for your purpose. These include:

  • YouTube Tutorials
  • Virtual Classroom Training
  • Free Video Tutorials
  • Blogs On AWS
  • Digital Training
  • AWS Learning Library
  • AWS Exam Guide
  • AWS Qwiklabs Catalog
  • AWS Practice Exam

You can even opt for the course and these free sources altogether. It will help you learn the entire cloud computing concept on AWS. However, remember here that these sources must be reliable enough to gain knowledge from.


We hope these points made everything about AWS training and certification clear to you. So now, you can begin your cloud computing journey or take it forward with the help of a suitable course. Don’t forget to check out the free sources as well.