Sony Finally Silences Critics as They Unveil Specifications for the PS5 – Except we Don’t Know How it Looks Yet

Not a day after Microsoft made rounds of the internet by completely unveiling their next-gen console, Sony tweeted out that they will be doing the same the very next day.  And the hype was on. All the speculations that the PlayStation 5 had garnered over the months were going to be put to rest. Mark Cerny, The Lead Architect for the PlayStation 5 dove deep into the architecture and the inspiration for the PlayStation 5 in an hour-long presentation that was viewed by more than half a million concurrent viewers at all times.

Here are the specs in a nutshell. The PlayStation 5 will feature an 8 core AMD Ryzen chipset which will feature Ryzen’s latest Zen 2 architecture. The chipset has 16 threads and is an extremely high upgrade over its predecessor. It will also be equipped with variable frequency that boosts its clock speed to 3.5 GHz. On the graphical side, an even bigger leap is observed as an AMD Radeon RDNA 2 based chipset will be featured. It supports ray-tracing and with variable frequency, up to 2.3 GHz has 36 CUs that boast a 10.28 TFLOPS engine.

The PlayStation 5 will also feature 16 Gigs of GDDR6 memory with a 448 GB/s bandwidth bus. While Cerny did not specify how the ram will be used specifically, he did dive into how every major component for the PlayStation 5 has been customized to the fullest. SSD for the PlayStation 5 was an obvious choice and Cerny opted to go with a rather odd 825 GB disk that can process 5.5 GB/s readable bandwidth with a further increased rate of 8-9 GB/s for compressed data.

While the Blu-ray drive has been upgraded to Ultra HD, only a minor upgrade of 100 GB/disc has been increased. It will support 4K 120 Hz output along with 8K support which will be acquired by HDMI ver.2.1. Sony also focused on their “Tempest” 3D AudioTech engine for superior sound, however, that did seem like a hit and a miss till we get our hands on it.

While we do not know how the new console looks at this point, PlayStation fans can actually hold their curiosity for the time being.