Intel Did an Oopsie by Revealing their Latest Processor – And it Just Might be the Fastest Till-Date

The leading chip-makers: Intel and AMD have been trading blows and trying to blow each other out of the competition by excelling in single and multi-threaded performances based chips for years. While both the chip makers excel in one section of the market, Intel’s latest processor could just win the title of “The king of the Hill.”

The latest benchmarks of Intel’s latest i9-10980HK suggest that it could be the most powerful mobile processor that can transform gaming laptops altogether. As part of Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-H processors, the latest processors will support eight cores and 16 threads, alongside a 45W TDP with a base clock of 3.10GHz. The numbers indicate a larger improvement over Intel’s current 2.4 GHz i9-9980HK series of processors.

If the leaked benchmarks are to be believed, the boost-clock of 5Ghz can actually be boosted up to 5.27GHz – Which is an extraordinary number for a laptop processor. If the results are actually accurate that would put Intel in possession of the world’s most powerful CPU ever made.

The latest chip could make any laptop in question incredibly fast in both multitasking and single-threading tasks. The following specifications can actually put the laptop a step-ahead into the desktop territory. The leaked specs put a single-score of 6,321 and a multi-core score of 32,038 according to @TUM_APISAK points. In retrospect, AMD’s Ryzen 7 4800H CPU scored 5,228 and 31,614 points in the exact same tests.

These scores might differ as AMD’s chipsets are based on the 7nm process and new Zen 2 architecture comparing to Intel’s 14nm process and an older architectural structure. No matter what, it does seem that Intel will have the fastest performing processor to date.

With AMD’s recent success in beating Intel a tad bit more than the latter, this certainly feels like a win for Intel. Such fierce competition might actually lead to a whole new generation of laptops in the near future.