Best Rugged Smartphone With Feature That No Other 5G Handset Offers Today

Realme V3 smartphone – $174.32 from AliExpress
While you’re waiting for the BV10000 to drop, check out this model from Realme. It has a 5000mAh battery, 6.5-inch HD+ screen and 5G connectivity.

In an unusually executed leak campaign, Blackview has sent us a press release detailing rumors of its first 5G rugged smartphone, likely to be called the BV10000 (given its current flagship – and our present leaderboard champion – is the BV9900Pro).

We’ve been given a picture of the phone and we know it has a 5G Mediatek processor (likely to be a Density 800 or 1000), LPDDR4 memory, a 6.5-inch show with a slimmer bezel and a metal frame.

The big enhancement, however, appears to be the inclusion of a Honeywell 2D scanner, which Blackview describes as “flagship-level”.

As an outdoor device capable of hitting very excessive wi-fi speeds, the BV10000 is likely to be a potential winner for anyone that needs a strong device with scanning capabilities that can operate in any climate situation.

Blackview additionally claims to have improved the cameras. As a reminder, the BV9900Professional has a 48-megapixel Sony camera sensor, so a 64-megapixel model is just not out of the query.

One other unknown is whether Blackview will keep the FLIR infrared camera sensor or get rid of it altogether. Eradicated FLIR will surely save on the entire price of fabric, but we’d like to see it remain nonetheless.

The rugged smartphone manufacturer has confirmed that the phone may arrive as early as the subsequent month, which might put it in direct competitors with Ulefone’s Armor 8. Anticipate each to function Android 10 and a rather massive battery indeed.