Has your Garmin stopped working? Hackers could possibly be accountable


Fitness giant Garmin has been forced to close down its website and providers after a ransomware assault encrypted the company’s inner community.

The outage impacts each Garmin.com and Garmin Connect, the service that allows house owners of the agency’s smart units to upload and analyze exercise data.

The incident has also affected the company’s ability to operate its call centers, meaning Garmin is unable to obtain or respond to calls, emails or chat messages from its prospects.

According to data from Downdetector, the Garmin outage remains in effect, over 24 hours since users first encountered issues synchronizing their data.

Garmin outage

When Garmin Connect users first ran into issues importing their data to Garmin servers, they had been served a message explaining the service was down for maintenance.

The company later tweeted that it was experiencing an outage that affected its services, web site and cellular app, but offered no further explanation.

Garmin has not yet confirmed that ransomware is the source of the outage, however, a number of workers of the US-based agency have referred to the incident as a ransomware assault on social media.

Some workers even went so far as to attribute the assault to a selected ransomware pressure, WastedLocker, which has only very lately arrived on the scene.

Although the extent of the injury is unclear, Garmin reportedly anticipates a multi-day upkeep interval, suggesting the attack was rather extreme and that the outage will likely endure for a short while yet.

The outage has led to fears among some Garmin users that ride, run and swim data might be lost. Nevertheless, this is not the case, and train data can nonetheless be extracted from wearables and uploaded manually to 3rd party platforms – such as Strava.