Western Digital Desires you to Rent your Hard Drive – And that’s a Bad Idea

We accidentally stumbled across a seemingly new service from Western Digital referred to as the “Monthly Subscription Program”, described as an exclusive scheme only out there through WD.

“For a low monthly worth, you can maintain your files and data stored on a drive of your selection, and improve your storage every time you need,” reads the website.

The company provides three drives on a subscription basis: a 1TB Sandisk ibi Smart Photo Supervisor, and 4TB and 8TB My Cloud Home private cloud storage devices, for a monthly payment of $5.99, $9.99 and $17.99 respectively. Alternatively, you should buy the three storage options (basically external arduous disk drives) outright for $99.99, $179.99, or $279.99 respectively.

Bearing in mind you don’t truly personal the system and the cloud management system is free while you buy the non-public cloud storage options on their very own, the subscriptions aren’t significantly favorable. Sure, you don’t should pay upfront for the units, but you solely have to make use of them for 18 months to recoup the cost.

And looking at the small print makes the deal even less engaging; since that is essentially a mortgage, your creditworthiness can be evaluated. In different phrases, they could examine your credit score history and procure a credit score report from a consumer reporting agency, which might have a negative impact on your credit score history.

Oh and make sure you don’t use the service to store “live efficiency recordings made without the consent of all performers” or obscene material (i.e. adult pornographic films etc.), each forbidden as per the terms of use.

Western Digital is clearly trying to find its footing in the cloud storage market and, with the closure of Upthere, last year is finding it difficult, to say the least.