By Removing one of its Most Useful Features Microsoft Risks the Wrath of Windows 10 Users

It appears that Microsoft is going ahead with its plans to drop the useful ‘System’ applet from the Control Panel, and instead force people to use the ‘Settings’ app that was first introduced with Windows 8.

This risks annoying a lot of people, because the ‘System’ part of Control Panel is genuinely very useful, giving you an overview of your PC (such as what processor and amount of RAM you have installed), along with quick links to your PC manufacturer’s support website and more.

However, with the recently released Windows 10 Build 20161, which is an early version of an upcoming Windows 10 update that’s been released to people who want to test it, the ‘System’ section of the Control Panel now just takes you to the Settings app.

Windows hate

Whenever Microsoft removes a feature from Windows 10 (especially a genuinely useful one), it usually encounters a backlash. In this case, by forcing people to use the Settings app, it could actually make things worse. The Settings app was introduced with Windows 8, and like most of the things that came with that unpopular operating system, it was derided for being too simplistic and pared-back compared to legacy Windows tools.

The good news, at least, is that over the years the Settings app has been improved, and the one found in Windows 10 is a lot more useful. This seems to be part of Microsoft’s plan to eventually kill off Control Panel all together, and replace it with the Settings app. While we agree that Windows 10 should be streamlined – there’s no point having two apps that offer the same functionality – Microsoft needs to ensure that the Settings app is up to scratch before it kills off the Control Panel entirely.

This new move looks like Microsoft is slowly migrating features to the Settings app in preparation. Let’s hope the company pulls it off – otherwise there will be a lot of angry Windows 10 users.